Seth Greenberg: Pre-Practice Player Development Drills

Seth Greenberg: Pre-Practice Player Development Drills
Seth Greenberg: Pre-Practice Player Development Drills
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Product Description

  • Learn to develop your player's skill sets before practice even begins
  • Get shooting drills to develop "shot ready" players
  • See a cutting series to train players how to move without the ball
  • Learn ball handling drills to develop the weak hand
with Seth Greenberg,
former Virginia Tech Head Coach;
2x ACC Coach of the Year (2005 & 2008)

Every coach strives to maximizing each minute of practice time. Seth Greenberg not only does this with his Virginia Tech Hokies, but he also goes beyond. In this drill oriented pre-practice player development DVD, Coach Greenberg shows you some of the key concepts and drills that he uses before practice begins to build skills, develop players and determine the best use of your practice time.

You'll see a variety of Greenberg's "Series Drills" that focus on valuable aspects of the game.

    The Cone Series - A terrific warm-up drill that works on layups, rip throughs and jump shots. This simple set of drills emphasizes little things such as catching and squaring up, turning into your shot and attacking the rim.
  • The Step-Shot Series - A great way for players to focus on the small, but essential aspects of shooting. Greenberg's emphasizes being shot-ready, using the proper footwork and creating a better, quicker shot for yourself.
Along with the basics that are constantly reinforced, Coach Greenberg adds some great shooting drills that will work out your players and let them enjoy the game as well. Coach finishes off with his ball handling sets. These drills will work out your kids and force them to become great with the basketball.

Finally Coach Greenberg will take you through several realistic shooting drills and their cutting series to give your players a game-like feel for the shots they need to take. He breaks down his "sideline shooting" drills to help your players learn how to develop a shooting rhythm and focus on the fundamental aspects of shooting.

In his Cutting Series, Coach Greenberg outlines how his players should cut within their offense. He uses these drills in order to develop a game-like flow for all of his players. You can use these drills to create more shooting opportunities instead of coming in the gym and shooting at random spots on the court.

Greenberg closes this fundamental DVD with two ball dribbling drills to improve your player's ball handling skill.

Don't miss this opportunity to use every minute of practice to bring out the potential in your players!

Produced at the Fall 2010 Orlando (FL) clinic.

77 minutes. 2012.

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