Set Plays and Drills for the Mover-Blocker Offense

Set Plays and Drills for the Mover-Blocker Offense
Set Plays and Drills for the Mover-Blocker Offense
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Product Description

Get set plays that keep the defense off balance and game-like offensive drills!

  • Get 12 set plays to confuse the defense within the Mover-Blocker offense
  • Create a practice plan designed specifically for the Mover-Blocker offense
  • Learn drills that help you install the Mover-Blocker offense
with Tom Jicha,
John A. Ferguson (FL) High School Head Coach;
former Miami Sunset (FL) Head Coach; 6 regional playoff appearances

Building on his initial video on the Mover-Blocker offense, Tom Jicha focuses on set plays and basic drills and skills. Coach Jicha provides 12 different set plays that can be incorporated when the defense starts to figure out the offense. The sets are great to use after a timeout, end of a quarter, or coming out of halftime. The plays are designed to have the same look as the Mover-Blocker set the defense has seen all game, but allow you to put a quick hit on the defense they won't see coming.

Additionally, Coach Jicha demonstrates the importance of how to teach your players to score in various ways. He goes through drills that helps install the offense and reiterate the skills needed for players to learn every day to make this offense successful.

Set Plays for the Mover-Blocker Offense

Having multiple ways of attacking the defense using same personnel is a great way to keep the defense guessing. Coach Jicha breaks down sets that include the essential elements of the Mover-Blocker offense, including flare screens, re-screens, back screens, pin downs and two-man game.

As the defense begins to recognize the motions of the play later in the game, you can get quick scores by changing the actions. Coach Jicha presents 12 set plays that cover the five major scoring areas discussed in his initial video demonstrating the Mover-Blocker offense. All of the plays are designed to get you either a layup or a 3-point shot.

Drills for the Mover-Blocker Offense

Coach Jicha gives you a quick outline of drills that help build the finer points of each of the scoring areas. The first drill is his basic warm up drill that incorporates several different motions, including layups off a curl, jump shots off a curl, 3-pointers, and fades to the corner.

Coach Jicha then goes into his 2-on-0 offensive breakdown drills where players work on backdoor cuts, flare 3-point shots, attacking the middle of the paint, attacking the baseline, and screening/re-screening. The final section of the video includes a series of 2-man game drills that teach and demonstrate how to pick & pop, pick & roll, 7 cut, and dribble hand-off.

Learn the set plays and drills that every coach needs for the Mover-Blocker offense! This video will ensure your players learn the cuts and movements necessary in the offense so your team can score more points in every game.

71 minutes. 2017.

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