Serve Receive Options for Every Team

Serve Receive Options for Every Team
Serve Receive Options for Every Team
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Product Description

  • Learn how to adjust serve-receive strategies to fit your personnel and opposition
  • Learn how to develop decisive, aggressive passers and how to maximize the abilities of each player
  • Discover how to adjust serve-receive patterns to protect your hitters while keeping all offensive options available
  • Learn how to develop layers of responsibility to enable defenders to aggressively pursue every ball
with Cathy George, Michigan State University Head Coach,
over 500 career wins, first female coach to reach Final Four (1989)

Do you have a favorite serve-receive pattern? Do your players ever struggle with the question "whose ball was that" on serve-receive or defense? Are you unsure which serve-receive pattern is right for your team? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, do not miss out on this video!

Michigan State Head Volleyball Coach Cathy George shares several drills that she uses to train individual and team serve-receive in the gym. Starting with an individual passer and using drills for two- and three-person patterns, she explains the keys to teaching players when to use a specific pattern and how to determine who's responsible for the ball. Learn how to establish a go-to serve-receive pattern based on your players. Then learn how to make adjustments to handle even the toughest serving opponents. Help athletes develop a clear-cut understanding of the following important principles:

  • A server's toss is indicative of serving direction
  • EARLY decision-making and communication is crucial
  • Even short serves need to be passed high
  • Who has low, short and who takes the high, deep
  • Which players get "protected" and by whom

By teaching players how all of these things run within your offensive system and against any particular opponent, you will empower your team to make smart decisions quickly, communicate early and move into the best possible position to make a higher quality pass.

Whether you work with advanced athletes or novice players, these tips from Coach George will help you get the most out of your team's serve-receive and maximize the time your team spends "in system."

Produced at the 2013 AVCA Annual Convention in Seattle, WA.

47 minutes. 2014.

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