Serve Receive Formations: Highlight Strengths and Hide Weaknesses

Serve Receive Formations: Highlight Strengths and Hide Weaknesses
Serve Receive Formations: Highlight Strengths and Hide Weaknesses
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Product Description

  • Learn to consistently expose your best serve receivers
  • See serve receive strategies for all rotations
  • Get a higher first pass success percentage
with Bill Neville,
U.S. Volleyball Association National Commissioner of Coaching Education,
3X Olympic Men's Coach

"In every rotation, expose your best serve receivers!"

Bill Neville builds this entire 2009 AVCA convention presentation around this law and shares with you innumerable ways to expose your serve receive strengths and hide weaknesses.

In the first segment of this presentation, Coach Neville sets his offense and takes you through a breakdown of six rotations. With each rotation, Neville physically shows how to set up serve receive to get the first ball to the best passer. While exposing the best passer, Neville shows how to hide the setter as well as hiding weaker passers.

Neville feels that getting a quality hit on the first pass is imperative to setting up your offense. He specifically points out what are typically the two potentially weakest rotations and presents strategies for optimizing serve receive success when in these challenging rotations.

A serve receive game of 4v2 throughout various rotations to drill serve receive is played, and with each point, Neville offers insight into the "what happened and why it happened" for each result. He then breaks down a server's sequence checklist to add more focus and purpose to each and every serve.

Neville presents a sequence for the serve receive team designed to create consistency in every serve reception. Neville models getting your team to communicate throughout the sequence.

This presentation offers specific examples of how to best set up formations that will return the highest percentage for first pass success.

44 minutes. 2010.

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