Secondary Coverages for the 3-5-3

Secondary Coverages for the 3-5-3
Secondary Coverages for the 3-5-3
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with Rob Manchester,
Georgia Military College Secondary Coach

Using the potent 3-5-3 defense, Georgia Military has forced 94 turnovers in only three seasons. This, is in large part, has been due to the outstanding coverage and play of the defensive secondary. Two of the main objectives of this defense are to provide pressure and create turnovers - this can only be done with superior secondary defense! Using marker board presentation and game footage, Manchester lays out a game plan for excellent secondary defense. He shares more than ten man-to-man techniques and principles to become a great secondary defender. Manchester also covers two main coverage concepts to read receivers, pre-snap preparation, and defensive execution. In addition, you will learn five man and zone coverage packages with over ten different defensive sets, detailing each player's responsibilities and coverages for each package. Use this comprehensive video to help you effectively implement great secondary defense into the 3-5-3!

70 minutes. 2004.

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