Sean Miller's Skill Development School: Guard Workout

Sean Miller's Skill Development School: Guard Workout
Sean Miller's Skill Development School: Guard Workout
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Product Description

  • Learn high speed drills that condition players for up-tempo offense
  • Get six shooting drills that produce high reps and maximize time in the gym
  • Discover a ball handling workout that increases player IQ, confidence and vision
  • Learn six ways to recognize and counter your opponent's ball screen defense

with Sean Miller, University of Arizona Head Coach;
2017 Pac-12 Coach of the Year - 3x Pac-12 Coach of the Year;
2017 Pac-12 Tournament and Regular Season Champions - led Arizona to six conference titles overall;
former Head Coach at Xavier, 3x A-10 champions; 2008 A-10 Coach of the Year

In Sean Miller's system, the guards are the "throttle" of the team. Developing a well-conditioned guard with a total set of skills is a must in order to have success. In this DVD presentation, Coach Miller has put together one of the most comprehensive guard workouts that look to develop skill and condition players for a fast paced game.

Coach Miller divides his workout into two different segments: shooting and ball handling. He demonstrates six different shooting drills that will expand your guards' shooting ability out of multiple situations. These drills will maximize your player's number of shots, shooting on the move, shooting in transition, and shooting off the pick and roll. Coach Miller pushes his players to teach you how to incorporate conditioning within your shooting workouts. You will learn how to incorporate different moves and actions within your offense into a simple and challenging workout.

In the second stage of Coach Miller's guard workout, he demonstrates how to build better ball handlers. Coach Miller uses four different segments to train his guards to be confident when they handle the basketball. In stationary two-ball drills, he works to develop basketball strength and game intensity as your players focus on the court in front of them. You will learn one-ball drills that work to control the basketball on the move. In the transition ball handling segment, you will learn two different ways to attack your defenders in the open court: glide dribble against a trap and power dribble to attack the basket for an open shot.

In Coach Miller's fourth segment, he will teach you how to train your guards to be a throttle of your team's execution coming off of ball screens. You will learn six different ways teams look to defend the ball screen and how you can score with the counters he uses in his guard workouts. Whether the defender drops, the screener slips or the ball handler must split the D, your guards will be much more prepared for the game by being able to recognize how the defense is going to guard your screen.

Get your guards ready to dominate the action with Sean Miller's guard development workout. The drills he provides will train your perimeter players to attack any defense with high intensity and effective reads.

74 minutes. 2014.

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