Scramble Situations

Scramble Situations
Scramble Situations
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with Jim Larranaga,
University of Miami Head Coach;
2012-13 AP National Coach of the Year;
former George Mason University Head Coach; 2006 Final Four

Coach Jim Larranaga provides an excellent teaching sequel to his popular Scramble Defense Series. In this tape, Coach Larranaga briefly reviews both types of scramble defense (first pass trap and ball-handler trap) and then gives an excellent review on how to use this effective defense against various offenses. These offenses include 1-4 high, 1-4 low, 2-1-2 or 2-3 set with a high-post, 4-out/1-in, and a secondary fast break set. Against each of these offenses, Coach Larranaga shows how to defend each with both types of scramble defense and includes the positioning and responsibilities of each position and the critical rotations.

68 minutes. 2004.

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