Scott Schumacher: Building Blocks for Aggressive Half Court Defense

Scott Schumacher: Building Blocks for Aggressive Half Court Defense
Scott Schumacher: Building Blocks for Aggressive Half Court Defense
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Product Description

  • Learn how to create a culture of toughness within your program
  • Improve your teams overall man-to-man technique
  • Gain insight on how to get your players to play hard in practice and in games
with Scott Schumacher,
North Dakota State College of the Sciences Head Coach, over 370 wins

Create a culture of competitiveness, discipline and toughness in your program with the proven strategies covered in this DVD.

Capitalizing on both unstructured and structured opportunities from open gym to practice to game-day situations, Scott Schumacher shows how to motivate and condition players for optimal performance and execution of this powerful and tenacious half-court defense.

These are the same techniques Schumacher has used to make his junior college teams the best in the nation.

Schumacher begins with his basic tips for more effective man-to-man play, which he then reinforces with series of defensive drills. He starts with zigzag full-court drills followed by run-glide-run drills that teach players how to keep the ball handler in front of them while emphasizing his drop and angle techniques.

Once players are comfortable with the defensive stance, Schumacher moves on to "help and recover" drills. His well-timed sequence continues with a drill that pulls together several aspects of the man-to-man defense including closing out, jumping to the ball and denial.

Schumacher's 5-on-3 transition defense drill is an effective way to work on transition scramble situations. He pulls everything together with his innovative half-court shell drills that emphasizes screening along with other defensive components.

By covering the basic building blocks of the half-court defense, Schumacher has created the perfect learning tool for any coach who wants to gain a defensive edge. Get a jump-start on your opponents with this instructional DVD from one of the nation's best teachers of half-court defense.

Produced at the Spring 2011 Las Vegas (NV) clinic.

64 minutes. 2011.

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