Scoring Systems for Creating High Quality Practices

Scoring Systems for Creating High Quality Practices
Scoring Systems for Creating High Quality Practices
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Develop a scoring system for practice that will help maximize your players' offensive and/or defensive efficiency ratio
  • Learn a system for scoring your practice drills that will hold your players accountable and motivate them to play hard
  • Teach defenders which shots to avoid giving up and instruct offensive players which shots are best when attacking
  • Learn how to use the 10-foot zone philosophy to get to the free throw line more often
with Scott Nagy,
Wright State University Head Coach;
2018 & 2019 Horizon League Coach of the Year;
former South Dakota State University Head Coach; 3x Summitt League Champions

Elevate your practices, create competition and get maximum effort and energy from every player at every practice!

Scott Nagy shares his insights and ideas for implementing scoring systems for practices that have led his South Dakota State teams to be the most efficient offensive and defensive team in his conference. Coach Nagy gives you everything you want to know on how to implement an easy-to-use scoring system that reinforces the habits and philosophies you teach your players.

Coach Nagy's scoring system helps eliminate practices that are mundane and will give your practices a higher level of competitiveness. You'll learn the basic fundamentals of a scoring system, both offensive and defensive scoring systems, and how to implement them effectively in your practices. Also demonstrated are six on-court drills used to show Coach Nagy's scoring system.

Fundamentals of a Practice Scoring System

Learn the essential aspects of a good scoring system. Coach Nagy shares his four key fundamentals in building a scoring system, which include:

  • The importance of offensive and defensive ratios
  • The importance of recording your practices
  • The importance of keeping statistics in practice
  • The importance of free throw efficiency ratios

Offensive and Defensive Scoring Systems

Learn how Coach Nagy's 2-1-2 scoring system on offense helps teach his players the value of different shots on the court. It will help train your team to attack the basket in the 10-foot zone, get to the foul line and shoot open 3-pointers.

Coach Nagy unveils a scoring system geared toward a competitive defensive practice. He focuses on getting defenders to force the offense to take long 2-point shots and contested 3-point shots. A strong emphasis is placed on the defense keeping the ball out of the paint and out of the 10-foot area. You'll also learn to score rebounding and transition defense through live drills.

Practice Setups

Coach Nagy demonstrates a series of six drills that he runs in practice and shows how to keep score with his system. You'll see the progression from a 2-on-2 setting to a 3-on-3, to a 4-on-4 and finally a 5-on-5 setting that uses his scoring systems.

Your players will crank up their competition to a new level with the implementation of an effective scoring system in every practice.

"This season I tried implementing another kind of scoring system, but it was confusing and did not last long. After watching Coach Nagy I know have the tools to implement an effective scoring system that I can teach my team managers for next season. This is great! - Customer Review

Produced at the Fall 2015 Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association clinic.

44 minutes. 2016.

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