Scoring Real Points and Tactical Serving

Scoring Real Points and Tactical Serving
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Learn a variety of techniques that will help your team score more points!

  • Understand what makes a serve Flean - flat and clean - to maximize its velocity and power
  • Train out-of-system defense to build your players' mental library so they can react faster during games
  • Discover eye sequencing techniques and a scoring drill that will get your players to be in the right place at the right time

with Beth Launiere,
University of Utah Head Coach;
AVCA West Region Coach of the Year (2004, 2006, 2008);
14 NCAA Tournament appearances;
over 540 career victories;
2019 USA Volleyball CNT-World University Games Assistant Coach

University of Utah head coach Beth Launiere has put together a comprehensive skills and drills video capturing her fundamental coaching style. This video will allow you to watch and listen as she sets up drills for warm-up, serving, blocking, passing and digging!


Coach Launiere begins with her methods to score more points off the serve. The jump float serve is presented in detail because it generates power and accuracy into a small area. She covers why making a serve "Flean" - flat and clean between the top of the net and the top of the antenna - will make it more difficult for your opponents to receive it.

Launiere also helps you understand why it's important to accelerate through the serve to increase power. Finally, you'll see how to work on taking a longer approach with the mentality of "slow to fast."


Swing blocking movements utilize specific footwork actions that can be taught to beginners or experienced players. The pace of the game has sped up, which requires blockers to cover a large territory in a short amount of time. The Over In Two drill will help your team work on defending the pins. If you want to break down the defensive side of the game, this drill will give your players plenty of good reps.

Launiere shows how to help athletes focus on pushing off their back leg with a small first step to create momentum. Additionally, you'll learn how and when to move the arms to maximize the speed and power of the block. Launiere also covers how to execute a two-step swing block with a pause.


Next, you'll get an out-of-system game that teaches players to play 'uncomfortably to become more comfortable' when the ball isn't played in ideal conditions. Your athletes will learn to work with what they get and stay competitive. This forces conservative players to think outside the box and be aggressive without taking too much risk.

Eye Sequencing and Scoring Drill

Having player-centered drills allows coaches more time to focus on coaching instead of being too physically involved. Launiere's Eye Sequencing drill will help you break down certain types of digs and passes to help your players determine where the setter will place a ball.

Finally, a scoring drill is presented that makes a team have to try to score a point ONLY when they get the opposing team out-of-system. However, if the other team executes a perfect pass to win the rally, then they become the team with the opportunity to score.

This is a great video for anyone wanting to train their team to play better out-of-system, increase problem solving ability on the fly, and become better at serving the ball.

53 minutes. 2018.

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