Scoring from the Top: Breakdowns, Tilts, Pinning and Freestyle

Scoring from the Top: Breakdowns, Tilts, Pinning and Freestyle
Scoring from the Top: Breakdowns, Tilts, Pinning and Freestyle
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Product Description

  • Learn to apply consistent pressure correctly from the top position
  • Tilting for quick turns - including the "Robles tilt"
  • Learn a leg series for all body types
  • Develop chain wrestling strategies to score multiple sets of near fall points
  • Master several critical freestyle turns

featuring Ken Chertow,
Queens University Head Coach;
US Olympian; 3x NCAA All American and 3x Academic All-American at Penn State,
2x Junior World Champion, Midlands Champion and Outstanding Wrestler.
Coach Chertow coached at both Ohio State and Penn State where his teams won the National Duals and finished in the top 5 at NCAA Championships 75% of the time. You can learn from Coach Chertow personally at his year round and summer Gold Medal Training Camp.

Olympian Ken Chertow covers a full assortment of riding and pinning techniques designed to prepare your wrestlers with the skills to end a match at any time. Wrestlers at Coach Chertow's Home Training Center demonstrate the essential techniques needed to dominate from the top position.

In this instructional DVD, Coach Chertow covers techniques that he has found to be successful at all levels. You'll learn in detail:

  • Breakdowns to beat your opponent off the whistle
  • Proper position for the 2-on-1, cross wrist and cross face series
  • Numerous tilts, including the tight waist, cross wrist and re-bar tilt, designed to score quickly
  • Technique to perfect the ball & chain series and the "Robles tilt" - both will make your wrestler even more effective from the top position
  • The key components of leg wrestling - teaching you to ride and pin from legs. You'll learn several unique and unorthodox set-ups and finishes for the power half and the high hip Turk
Coach Chertow finishes with a variety of folkstyle and freestyle turns, including options from the front headlock. Coach Chertow specifically excelled at this technique, which enabled him to become an Olympian.

Although arm bars and half nelsons are good techniques, tilts provide a proven way to score points quickly against tough opponents in big matches. Likewise, the leg rides Coach Chertow shows have been used consistently at the highest level. This DVD provides a large number of combinations from tilts to legs to cradles to wrist rides.

This comprehensive video gives you all the material you need to make your wrestler highly effective from the top position. After watching this video, any wrestler or coach will understand the essential techniques needed to turn and pin your opponent.

83 minutes. 2012.

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