Running Game from the Air Raid Offense

Running Game from the Air Raid Offense
Running Game from the Air Raid Offense
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with Hal Mumme,
Belhaven University Head Coach;
former New Mexico State University Head Coach

The beauty of the Air Raid Offense, according to Coach Mumme, is that players love to play this offense and fans flock to see it. To complement the passing attack, Mumme presents the basics of the Air Raid running attack. Mumme starts with the basic Iso situation. He covers the alignment and blocking technique for the Iso and the Iso Flipset. Lead Draw Iso and the three technique are displayed on overhead and by using game footage. A focus in the running game is the draw play. From the open set in pass action, the draw is used to off set the throw. Because the pass is thrown about 55 times a game, pass protection is of utmost importance. Walk throughs and extensive use of videotape aid the coach's preparation for practice and games. Teaching levels with offensive linemen is critical in this system. Also covered are the odd man front, the even man front, and nickel.

43 minutes. 2007.

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