Running a Dynamic Soccer Practice

Running a Dynamic Soccer Practice
Running a Dynamic Soccer Practice
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Product Description

  • Train players dynamically to create a more realistic and game-like training environment
  • Incorporate variations to standard warm-up activities to improve first touch
  • Foster and encourage a creative mindset in players through passing combinations and possession game
  • All drills are presented in a live practice setting!
with Alan Kirkup, University of Florida Assistant Coach,
former player for Manchester United FC; over 27 years coaching experience including 18 years as a head coach at the collegiate level (over 200 wins)

Maintaining possession of the ball requires technique, good decision making, and a solid physical foundation. Alan Kirkup uses continuous activity drills that contain elements of both conditioning and maintaining possession while under pressure.

Coach Kirkup's practice, recorded in a live practice setting, progresses from individual work to team work. The first part of practice concentrates on the players improving their touch, and you will get to see many productive ways that the team can do this in an efficient manner. From a simple one touch drill done with a partner that can improve a player's touch on the ball to a passing drill that involves the entire team, these drills stress the importance of passing and moving and it also gives them options of varying the sequence of passes

The practice progresses to several small sided games that demand a great touch on the ball, precision passing, and great communication between the players, which are vital to having success on the field. These small sided games have a great carryover to game like situations because they demand the players work together and have great communication.

The practice concludes with a very fast paced 4 v 4 competitive drill that provides for many touches on the ball and shots on goal. Players are increasingly challenged as Coach Kirkup creates limitations within the drills and adjusts the rules of the game.

Your players will enjoy the dynamic drills presented by Coach Kirkup. The continuous nature of the drills allows players plenty of touches and opportunities for imaginative play while helping to improve their match fitness level.

46 minutes. 2012.

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