Run Reliefs - Always Have an Out

Run Reliefs - Always Have an Out
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Get reliefs for your run game that force the defense to honor your passing game!

  • Discover RPOs that take advantage of defensive leverage
  • Learn a tagging system that gets multiple players into the game plan
  • Force the defense into a man scheme with reliefs, allowing for big plays in the run game

with Matt Nally,
Melissa (TX) High School, Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator

Melissa High School is a 4A school in the football-rich state of Texas. In 2017, the Cardinals enjoyed a 12 win season and scored over 600 points.

A well-coached defense will do its best to take away your top running plays. If you run the Dash, you have a built-in run relief to solve this problem and take advantage of defenses that load the box.

Run reliefs or RPOs are common in many spread offensive schemes. Matt Nally shares his version and shows you how simple it is for the quarterback to read. He teaches you how to tag either the fit or leverage side to counter how the defense tries to attack you. The '7 yard rule' allows you to get the ball out to your best receiver on a quick screen when the corner is 7 yards or deeper.

Inside Run Game

Coach Nally diagrams three inside run plays: the power, inside zone, and counter. These three run schemes are some of the most common and successful run schemes in today's modern spread offensive attack. Next, he uses diagrams and game footage to show these plays in action against several defensive looks. You'll learn:

  • The inside zone play, including the blocking assignments and quarterback/running back mechanics.
  • Coach Nally's power scheme, which is an extremely effective way to attack both even front and odd front defenses.
  • The counter play, which features a pulling guard and tackle.
  • Key coaching points for each play with game footage as examples.

RPO Concepts Tied to the Inside Run Game

Coach Nally describes the basic rules for the run reliefs that he uses with his offense. This scheme involves a built in pre-snap and post-snap read for the QB. The rules for this concept are simple and are the same for each inside run play. This concept will allow your offense to put specific defenders into a run/pass conflict where they can't be right, no matter what they do! You'll see:

  • How Nally teaches his players to identify the leverage or pre-snap side and the "fit" or post-snap side based on the position of the running back.
  • The route concepts that are used with both the leverage side and fix side, as well as the quarterback's read progression.
  • How Nally teaches his quarterback to read and react to edge blitzers and teams that play man to man coverage instead of zone coverage.

Tagging System

In this section, Nally shares his inside run game tagging system. This system allows him to change route concepts while maintaining the same basic play and blocking scheme. The tags allow the offense to read different defenders in order to create run/pass conflicts for opposing players. These concepts are shown from 2x2 and 3x1 formations.

  • The "A" level tags read a down lineman and perimeter defender post-snap. This turns each run play into a triple option play.
  • The "B" level tags allow the offense to change the fit side to opposite the running back, and vary the route concepts used while reading either an inside linebacker or outside linebacker.
  • The "C" level tags allow the offense to read either a safety or cornerback to the fit side of the play.

This comprehensive look at run reliefs from Coach Nally will have your offense zooming down the field in no time!

57 minutes. 2018.

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