Run-and-Shoot Offense: Runs & Screens

Run-and-Shoot Offense: Runs & Screens
Run-and-Shoot Offense: Runs & Screens
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  • Improve your Football coaching!
  • Learn from Darrel "Mouse" Davis!
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with Darrel "Mouse" Davis,
former Portland State University Offensive Coordinator;

Portland State led the nation in passing offense in back-to-back years, averaging 360.9 yards per game in 2007 and 372.2 yards in 2008.

This DVD represents nearly 50 years of experience utilizing the Run-and-Shoot from the legendary "Father" of the Run-and-Shoot, Mouse Davis. The "260" screen pass is a play Coach Davis recommends that all coaches have in their offense. A decisive quarterback who can sell the idea of having the ball keys this screen. To stress the versatility of the play, Davis diagrams the screen play against man and zone defenses. Running it according to the defensive look can maximize the value of the screen. Davis also adds the screen pass to the X and Z to this package to make it an even more dangerous weapon. Also covered are offensive line splits, which will open up the run game when the defense least expects it. Davis diagrams the trap play, another part of the screen scheme, in detail. The option is another tool in this arsenal of offensive weapons known as the Run Shoot. This package includes the screen play against the blitz, man and zone. The versatility of this scheme can be added to an offense in need of more touchdowns. Take a page from Mouse Davis' storied career and consistently get into the end zone.

48 minutes. 2006.

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