Rotational Progressions and Finish Mechanics for Shot Put and Discus

Rotational Progressions and Finish Mechanics for Shot Put and Discus
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Discover several drills to teach the shot put and discus in a progressive manner!

  • Learn how to teach movement out of the back and across the ring
  • See how to correct over-rotation - one of most common mistakes young throwers make
  • Includes overweight-specific strength drills to help advance strength needs in rotational throws

with Seth Roberson,
Grand View University Associate Head Coach;
Back-to-back Heart of America Conference Assistant Coach of the Year (2016-17);
coached 2016 NAIA National Champion discus thrower;
USA Track and Field Level 1 Certified Coach

Seth Roberson provides a detailed blueprint for teaching athletes how to throw the discus and shot put with a rotational approach. Roberson models how to correct critical coaching and positive reinforcement to each athlete with simple and direct instruction with each segmented or full-throw drill.

The Wind Up - Where it all begins!

A proper wind-up helps ensure a better throw. Learn how to wind up and hit key positions in the back of the ring, whether throwing the discus or rotational shot put. Coach Roberson breaks down the technique and how to address common mistakes while using his athletes to demonstrate the drills. He includes four drills to train:

  • Shifting over the left leg coming out of the back to create a better push
  • Turning on the inside ball of the left foot to create a smooth spin and stay on balance
  • Creating an efficient and helpful left arm when turning out of the back by creating a great path

Rotational Drill Progression

Coach Roberson shares several drills he uses to teach the rotational component of the discus and shot put. Drills are demonstrated and include in-depth explanations with key coaching points. The wind up, tempo, and posture of the athletes are demonstrated and explained in detail, including the Scooter 360 drill that teaches the athlete how to rotate.

Train Athletes how to "Push Out of the Back"

Several drills are demonstrated that Roberson uses to teach athletes how to start the movement of the discus throw or shot put. This first crucial movement, "pushing out the back," is explained in great detail, along with several key issues that typically occur with beginning athletes.

Some of the drills that Coach Roberson shares are:

  • The Cone Sweep drill.
  • The Cone Sweep Wheel drill that teaches hip rotation.
  • The full wind up and wheel without implement that teaches the athlete to push off and create separation between the upper body and lower body.
  • How to progress these drills but emphasize different points such as balance, timing, and correcting over-rotation.

Drills to Teach the Release of the Discus and Shot Put

Finally, Coach Roberson includes drills that teach the body position and sequence of releasing the discus and shot put in a full throw. Some of the drills and coaching points that Roberson shares are:

  • Throws from the power position
  • Wheel drill to a complete throw
  • Several medicine ball throws that teach mechanics in releasing the shot put
  • Full power throws and full throws with a pivot with the shot put and discus

Coach Roberson offers a large variety of drills that are interesting and challenging for throwers. His emphasis on balance, footwork, and proper positioning is sure to make it easier for you to get the most out of your own athletes!

84 minutes. 2018.

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