Ron Jackson's Hitting Factory: Becoming a Champion Hitter!

Ron Jackson's Hitting Factory: Becoming a Champion Hitter!
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  • Improve your Baseball coaching!
  • Learn from Ron Jackson!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with Ron Jackson,
former Boston Red Sox Hitting Coach, 2004 World Champions!

Ron Jackson is making history as hitting coach for the Boston Red Sox. Under Jackson's coaching, the World Champion Boston Red Sox led nearly every offensive category in Major League Baseball in 2003-2004, including batting average, runs, hits, doubles, extra-bases, total bases, sacrifice flies, slugging percentage, on-base percentage, and RBI's, setting all-time major league records for extra-base hits (649), total bases (2,832), and slugging percentage (.491), and capturing a World Series title in 2004! There is no question; Ron Jackson is one of the best hitting coaches of all-time! In this comprehensive hitting DVD, Jackson covers everything you need to know to be a "champion hitter". He begins by sharing what kind of hitter everyone should strive to be: the characteristics, attitude, mental toughness, approach, hitting roles, and the practice and preparation routines for successful hitters. Jackson then breaks down every aspect of the swing in a step-by-step progression, teaching the proper fundamentals from the stance, proper balance, load and stride positions, body movement, contact points, and follow-through. Jackson also explains how to maximize plate coverage and how to become a better two-strike and off-speed hitter. The principles and fundamentals shared in this video are for players at all levels and abilities.

66 minutes. 2005.

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