Ron Dugans: Quick Feet to Violent Hands -- Keys to Wide Receiver Success

Ron Dugans: Quick Feet to Violent Hands -- Keys to Wide Receiver Success
Ron Dugans: Quick Feet to Violent Hands -- Keys to Wide Receiver Success
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Product Description

  • Learn how to maximize the potential of your receiving corp - even if they don't have blazing speed
  • Learn how to get your receivers and quarterback on the same clock
  • Discover how "violent hands" helps receivers defeat press coverage and create space
  • Learn how to develop a fluid receiver by eliminating false steps and minimizing wasted movement
with Ron Dugans,
University of Miami Wide Recievers Coach and Passing Game Coordinator;
former Assistant Coach at the University of South Florida and the University of Louisville Assistant Coach;
former WR for the Cincinnati Bengals (NFL) and at Florida State

Former NFL wide receiver Coach Ron Dugans, who has been a part of the extremely productive passing offense at Louisville, brings his wealth of route running knowledge to this dynamic presentation. Coach Dugans focuses on how to "play fast'" using concepts and techniques that made him a top receiver at Florida State and later an NFL threat at Cincinnati. His strategies and techniques will make any receiver a viable threat.

A wide receiver must understand what the defense is giving up and what the defense is trying to take away. Coach Dugans shares his insight into movement keys, stance mechanics and the ability to eliminate extra motion that give the receiver an advantage over the defender regardless of defensive scheme. He also discusses the intricacies of several different release techniques against bump man coverage.

Coach Dugans breaks down a receiver's technique into easy fundamentals and then shares drills to work those techniques. Using the "Five Cone Foot Fire Drill," "the Prong Drill," "Cone Drills" and "Release Drills," Coach Dugans gives a comprehensive tutorial on how to develop each member of your receiving corps into an explosive offensive threat.

Continuing from his explanation of releases, Coach Dugans covers several more practice drills that he uses to make his players game-day ready. Emphasizing such things as take off, releases and breaking routes, he shows the application of these drills with game tape. Through the use of game footage, you see the end product that you're trying to emulate.

Coach Dugans presents an informative presentation that will improve any receiving corps. This DVD has something for players and coaches, regardless of age or experience. From concepts to drills, from chalkboard to video, from practice field to gridiron, this is a presentation that every coach should see.

Produced at the 2013 Louisville Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

43 minutes. 2014.

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