Roger Hughes: Quarterback Play in a 3- and 5-Step Game

Roger Hughes: Quarterback Play in a 3- and 5-Step Game
Roger Hughes: Quarterback Play in a 3- and 5-Step Game
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  • Learn the fundamentals of a motion that can enhance the efficiency of a quarterback's throw
  • Develop your quarterback's mechanics from the waist down to improve the velocity of his throw
  • Learn a spacing route that provides several options for exploiting defenses
with Roger Hughes, Stetson University Head Coach

Stetson University Head Coach Roger Hughes shares his insight into developing quarterback fundamentals to get maximum efficiency in multiple passing schemes.

Coach Hughes starts with quarterback fundamentals in a shotgun system, using the quarterback under center to maximize his potential and accuracy. He continues with throwing motion fundamentals describing how to shorten the release of the quarterback. He also discusses proper footwork when taking different drops in the passing game. Great footwork promotes good royte timing and establishes a body position conducive to great throwing mechanics.

The quick game is a great way to be efficient and take what the defense gives you. Coach Hughes breaks down three-step passing game pass routes. He shows how to make each throw within the particular passing play. This aspect of his presentation sets it apart from the rest. Using a step-by-step teaching process, he discusses how each passing play concept should be executed. Coach Hughes concludes with a five-step drop mesh concept, complete with the technical aspects of the play that help the quarterback execute each throwing option. The mesh route stresses defenses and allows the quarterback to make simple reads when choosing to the right receiver for the pass.

If want to to add passing concepts with the proper teaching progression this season, then Coach Hughes' presentation is the one you need. Coach Hughes gives an inside look into the Hatters' passing game, which can be adapted for success at any level. Take your quarterback play to a higher level with the techniques in this presentation by Stetson's Coach Hughes .

Produced at the 2014 Orlando Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

30 minutes. 2014.

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