Rick Barry's Fundamentals for Becoming a Great Shooter

Rick Barry's Fundamentals for Becoming a Great Shooter
Rick Barry's Fundamentals for Becoming a Great Shooter
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Product Description

  • Get a private shooting lesson from one of the best shooters in basketball history
  • See drills that players or coaches can use to develop the "Five Fundamentals" of a great shooter
  • Learn to shoot off the dribble or off of a cut
  • Get your shot off before the defense can close on you
  • Improve the accuracy of your shot and the shooting percentage of your team
  • Get tips for making good shooting decisions
  • Proper footwork and arm mechanics to guarantee you shoot at a high percentage
with Rick Barry,
NBA Basketball Hall of Fame

Become an effective and accurate shooter--and an offensive threat--on every possession!

Basketball Hall of Famer and Top 50 All-Time NBA player Rick Barry shares his philosophy for teaching the art of shooting. Barry teaches and demonstrates the five key fundamentals that are essential to great shooting.

Learn the how and why for each fundamental including how to hold the ball and proper hand, arm and foot positions. Coach Barry takes you through these fundamentals and demonstrates each area using the Gun Shooting Machine.

Barry brings everything together by running a player through several shooting drills to train set shooting, shooting off the dribble, shooting off the cut, and powering into a jump shop. These drills include receiving a direct pass, pivoting, getting lift on your jump shot and more.

You will learn detailed information on all aspects of shooting and techniques you can use to ensure you are an offensive threat at all times.

As a player you will find that the speed and accuracy of your shot will improve and that you will become a more effective player and scorer on the offensive end of the court. Coaches will find that your team shooting percentages will improve and you will be able to produce better shots for your players.

Whether you're a beginning player or coach or a veteran of the game, this private lesson from one of the greatest shooters in basketball will provide the drills and techniques you need to improve your offensive output!

53 minutes. 2012.

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