Rich Rodriguez: Fast Tempo No Huddle Offense

Rich Rodriguez: Fast Tempo No Huddle Offense
Rich Rodriguez: Fast Tempo No Huddle Offense
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  • Get the 10 principles that will guide you to create an offense that is ready to be high-tempo
  • Learn a simple technique to signal plays to your quarterback that will allow your No Huddle Offense to remain "turbo charged"
  • Add numbers to your run game by making the quarterback a run threat out of a shotgun formation
  • Learn how to control tempo with your offense
with Rich Rodriguez; University of Arizona Head Coach;
former Head Coach at the University of Michigan and West Virginia University; 2x Big East Coach of the Year; 4x Big East Champions

Rich Rodriguez is starting his 20th year of being a head coach at the collegiate level including seven years at West Virginia, three seasons at Michigan, and one season at Arizona. He is widely credited with being a pioneer of the shotgun, run-first, spread offense as well as being the inventor of the popular zone read play.

Coach Rodriguez shares his extensive experience and offensive expertise to help you design an offense based on 10 essential principles that define all great offenses. Rodriguez provides a framework on how to develop and implement an Offensive System and Practice Plan. You will also learn how to make your players uncomfortable at practice to make them comfortable during critical times during the football game.

The second major segment of the video focuses on the basic elements to an offense. Rodriguez's philosophies and thoughts are on full display in this segment as he provides colorful commentary on his five key points. He does not focus on the spread offense, but just offensive game planning/execution in any system. You will learn tricks of the trade in reference to offensive football such as tendencies, play/answer sheet, being prepared for your opponent, as well as two distinct advantages on the offensive side of the ball that the defense does not have. You will also learn the one advantage the defense possesses over the offense.

The third segment is where Rodriguez "sells" the shotgun spread offense and why it has been successful and why he has been married to it for many years. He describes in detail how their practices reflect game-like situations and how to take advantage of what the defense is giving you in terms of fronts, coverages, stunts, and blitzes. The importance of keeping an offense simplified is also discussed in great detail.

Coach Rodriguez includes his Go Package, showing you thekeys to look for to make the play explosive. You will also learn how to line up formation wise and how to take advantage of the defense and use their strength against them.

If you are considering switching to the spread offense, learn how to get started from one of the first to run it, Rich Rodriguez.

Produced at the 2013 Louisville (Ky) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

91 minutes. 2013.

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