Return to the 50 Defense

Return to the 50 Defense
Return to the 50 Defense
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with J.T. Curtis,
John Curtis Christian School (LA) Head Coach,
over 540 career coaching victories - only the second high school football coach in history to reach 500 wins;
Distinguished member of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Hall of Fame (2015);
2012 Louisiana Class 2A State High School Champions (26 State HS Football titles total);
the consensus 2012 High School National Champion; 2012 USA Today National HS Coach of the Year

Coach Curtis has seen a return to the 3-man front 50 defense in recent years. His presentation covers technique, linebacker play and secondary concepts, and is a good tool for the coach looking into the 50 defense. Curtis emphasizes the outside linebackers in the defense as drop defenders, which opens up many opportunities. A quick nose guard that can guard the run and pass brings an anchor to the defense. When defensive tackles play tight, they must still be able to contain. The two ends must anchor the line of scrimmage and play a tight, 7 technique. The inside linebacker lines up on the outside shoulder of the guard and needs to be in an aggressive, downhill, attack position. Teamwork is essential, as the front must keep people off the linebackers so they are free to make plays. The next teaching progression deals with the split backs, both linebackers will be in slow read. The guts of the defense are the three down linemen. Read attack is based off the release of the linemen you are lined up against. In the secondary, the strong safety gets his run read from the tight end's release.

58 minutes. 2007.

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