Record-Breaking Infield Defense

Record-Breaking Infield Defense
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Take your team out of its comfort zone with challenging infield drills!

  • Get a well-designed progression for improving your team's fielding percentage and covering more ground
  • Discover how to use speed ladders to improve forward and lateral movement of your fielders
  • Learn how to use a bungee cord and a batting helmet to work on fielding posture and position

with Megan Smith,
Marshall University Head Softball Coach;
former University of Kansas Head Coach;
six straight seasons of 30+ wins (2011-16);
Back-to-back NCAA tournament appearances ('14, '15);
broke the Big 12 record for batting average (.345) & was the highest in the NCAA in 2013;
Over 350 wins all time;
former LSU Assistant Coach

In this video, Megan Smith brings you drills that she has used over the years to improve her team's fielding. Smith will help keep your practices engaging with 17 innovative drills designed to improve footwork, turns, throws, and fielding position.

Footwork Drills

A player must move her feet to get into position. Learn how to help your infielders get into great fielding position with four footwork drills. Smith instructs how to practice quick feet and rhythm, which will help your infielders on routine ground balls and balls that they have to range to the sides to field.

Glovework Drills

Get your players' hands faster and more efficient with five drills. These drills are designed so that every player involved is working on some part of the game. For example, the Triangle Drill uses three players fielding, turning, and throwing to help improve on infield throws. In one fun drill, Light-Flight Pepper (a spin-off of the classic Pepper drill), the infielders play Pepper using light flight balls. This allows the hitter to pepper the ball harder without fear of injuring a fielder, and allows the infielders to work at a closer distance to improve their glove reaction.

Fungo Drills

Put it all together with eight fungo drills that will keep your infielders challenged. Smith offers several drills to improve fielding fundamentals, and drills that will challenge your fielders to make web-gem plays.

Let Coach Smith show you how to develop fundamentally sound, record-breaking infielders without sacrificing fun!

42 minutes. 2018.

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