Reaction and Readiness Drills for Goalies

Reaction and Readiness Drills for Goalies
Reaction and Readiness Drills for Goalies
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Product Description

Train your goalies to become more explosive and athletic!

  • Learn to read and react quickly to shooters in order to be ready to react to true game-like situations
  • Develop an enhanced stopping power by using game-like drills involving live shooters and more than one goalie at a time
  • Learn how to develop goalie clearing to get the ball upfield quickly in transition

with Remington Steele,
Furman University Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach;
former University of Vermont Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach,
assistant coach of the Welsh Senior Women's National Team; Head Coach of the New Zealand team at the 2015 FIL U-19 World Championships; former goalie for the Canadian U-19 National Team

The goalie is the backbone of any great defense, and for a goalie to be great, they must have quick hands, agile feet and the ability to reset in an instant to face the next shot.

Remington Steele presents a catalog of drills, accompanied by concise off-the-field explanation, designed to help your goalies become more explosive and athletic between the pipes. Through a series of 18 unique drills, many of which incorporate multiple skills and movements, he provides a foundation for goalies to improve balance, speed and agility in and around the net.

You'll learn drills that get goalies more involved in the defense and increase their comfort level outside the crease when necessary. Additionally, the high-energy, fast-paced workouts mimic game-like situations and force goalies to make saves when tired.

Coach Steele also unveils the secrets to scouting the opposition's goaltender that only a world-class goalie can provide. He will help you easily determine their strengths and weaknesses, which can be accomplished by simply watching warm-ups.

Active Goalie Drills

Coach Steele demonstrates 18 drills to help develop your goalies to be more athletic within the crease by improving footwork, agility, handwork and the critical first step. These drills will also help your goalie become a bigger threat outside of the crease and a more active part of your defense.

Reacting to a Shot

Your goalies will see shots from all angles and speeds, all the while honing and refining their ability to reset after each shot to be in position to make the critical second save. While presenting the drills, Coach Steele provides valuable insight into proper positioning in the cage and optimized footwork versus a variety of shots, such as:

  • Crease Rolls
  • Inside Rolls
  • Alley Drives
  • Cutters inside 8 meters
  • 8 meter shots

Hands and Feet

Through this series of progressive drills, Coach Steele demonstrates the interplay between a goalie's hands and feet. You'll learn drills that work on driving your goalie's hands to the ball and more drills that emphasize proper footwork.

Innovative drills are introduced that incorporate your goalie's hands and feet to create a complete goalkeeper. Coach Steele presents drills to help your goalies remain set and make a clean reaction to the ball once it's shot.

Scout Your Opponent's Goalies

Coach Steele takes you through a checklist of things to look for when scouting an opposing goalie. Whether exposed on film or identified during warm-ups, you'll learn how to spot tendencies and poor mechanics that expose weaknesses. As each trait is identified, positives and negatives are pointed out and you'll see how to adjust your game plan to take advantage of this information.

Goalie play is all about sound mechanics, quick reactions and being in the right position to make the save. Coach Steele presents a straightforward, easy to understand approach to creating and developing an explosive and athletic goaltender.

72 minutes. 2016.

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