Randy Jackson's Building a Championship Football Culture Series

Randy Jackson's Building a Championship Football Culture Series
Randy Jackson's Building a Championship Football Culture Series
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  • Discover key strategies for creating a championship culture
  • See a "player role sheet" that clearly establishes team expectations and expected roles for the player and the parents
  • Learn how to put together a playbook that includes everything you need to better prepare your coaches and players
  • Learn how to practice tempo so that game night feels like slow motion
  • Learn tackling techniques for athletes who play at each defensive level - linemen, linebackers, and secondary
with Randy Jackson,
Grapevine (TX) High School Head Coach;
2015 Tom Landry Award winner

A great culture in your football program doesn't happen on accident - you have to create it.

Every coach knows what type of program they want to build. Even fewer coaches have the knowledge to make it happen. Randy Jackson unveils proven tools he has used to change the culture and turn around two different high schools in Texas, as well as several creative ways to change the mindset and culture in your school.

Coach Jackson believes defining and organizing your program's culture will give you an advantage for training your athletes how to compete harder, tougher, and at a higher level. Coach Jackson covers core values, leadership programming, player evaluations, parent education, relationship building, community and appreciation campaigns. He also discuss mental growth of the entire coaching staff, as well as integrating the growth of the entire locker room.

Coach Jackson shares numerous creative concepts to establish great relationships and concepts for building a true team spirit.

  • You will see how to develop your team mentally by putting the team into "family groups," units in which the kids develop relationships with each other.
  • The championship notebook is a guideline for leadership development and a huge part of developing championship culture.
  • The Breakfast with Champions brings not only the players together, but also parents, teachers and supporters to celebrate the team and build family.
  • Football 101 for moms is a great way to not only educate the mothers of the game of football, but is an opportunity to sell your program in a positive light.
  • Head Coach's Dinner is a unique way for head coaches to bond with their football players and foster and strengthen the relationship with each athlete in a small, personalized setting.
  • Coach Jackson reveals over 10 Appreciation Campaign ideas for teaching athletes how to look beyond themselves and show appreciation for the greatest supporters within the program's community, administration, teachers, families and others.
  • And many more!

Successful programs don't build themselves - they happen by building solid cultures. If you have an average program and want to transform into a great program, this video from a veteran coach is exactly what you need.

"There are not enough videos like this that go beyond strategy and the X' and O's of football. ... Coach Jackson holds nothing back in giving great information on methods that can be easily integrated into your program. This kind of program is the kind I would want my two sons to be a part of. You will not only build better football players, but better men as a result of watching this video." - Customer Review

58 minutes. 2016.

with Randy Jackson,
Grapevine (TX) High School Head Coach;
2015 Tom Landry Award winner

To establish a championship culture, your culture must be based on toughness. This is not a simple philosophy. Building toughness into your football program requires above and beyond effort from leadership within the coaching ranks, which is then passed down into the players on your team.

Randy Jackson shows you step-by-step how to run your program at a high level to develop and define your core values, as well as what toughness means to your program. Without this labor-intensive step, you will never build the toughness and discipline needed to win championships with your football program.

Coach Jackson's method is not about telling players they should be leaders and hoping they will figure it out on their own. His approach is driven by building a leadership academy for your program to mentor and monitor each step of the process. This forces you as a coach to be extremely prepared and organized to test, track and monitor everyth

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