Race Walk Clinic - in a Book

Race Walk Clinic - in a Book
Race Walk Clinic - in a Book
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  • Improve your Track & Field coaching!
  • Learn from Tim Seaman and Jeff Salvage!
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  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
by Jeff Salvage and Tim Seaman, 2000 US Olympian; the first four-time NAIA race walk champion while at University of Wisconsin-Parkside

America's premier team of clinicians Jeff Salvage and Tim Seaman's Race Walk Clinic — in a Book beautifully illustrates textbook techniques while it catalogs typical mistakes race walkers make that can rob them of a legal race and speed. It explains why these problems exist and prescribes critical solutions to correct them. If you are ready to improve your race walking style and step up to the next level, then pick up Race Walk Clinic - in a Book today.

Our approach in Race Walk Clinic - in a Book today. is to pick up where other training materials leave off. We start by grounding our discussion with a review of correct race walking technique, but do not focus on the many aspects of technique that you can do incorrectly. We then divide race walking technique problems into broad categories, starting with issues of legality and then separating technique issues into categories such as hip, leg, arm, and posture problems. For each category we illustrate the problem with photographs of either elite race walkers or (for beginner problems) staged images. We then offer remediation in two forms: exercises, drills, and stretches to improve your style, and mental cues to guide your focus while race walking.

Within the educational material presented, we've interspersed "Tales from the Track," a unique collection of unique stories in which great race walkers from the U.S. and around the world retell some of their most memorable experiences.

115 pages. 2013.

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