Quick Game Made Easy

Quick Game Made Easy
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Bust out the quick game anytime and anywhere on the field!

  • Develop a quick passing game that allows your players to play fast and attack any coverage
  • Learn three effective, yard gaining passing concepts
  • Understand routes and reads that can be taught at any level

with Matt Nally,
Melissa (TX) High School, Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator

Melissa High School is a 4A school in the football-rich state of Texas. In 2017, the Cardinals enjoyed a 12 win season and scored over 600 points.

Defenses are forced to limit their schemes with the speed of the tempo offenses, so having a simple and effective quick passing game can expose weaknesses in coverage and give your offense an opportunity to run the ball.

Matt Nally provides over an hour of detailed instruction in how to implement a deadly quick game in the spread offense. In this video, he breaks down three main quick passing concepts. Every route, technique and read is detailed, allowing for incredibly fast and easy yardage gains against any defense. You'll get:

  • Open routes for bailing linebackers.
  • Open routes for blitzing linebackers.
  • Open routes for press man coverage.
  • Open routes for out of position safeties.

Snag, Stick & Spacing Routes

For each scheme, Coach Nally demonstrates where your QB's eyes should be, both pre & post-snap, and the proper depth every receiver should get to in order to "get their teammate open!" He presents the QB read and route progression versus 1 high or 2 high defenses. You'll learn simple route rules that will allow you to run Snag, Stick, and Spacing from a variety of formations, including:

  • 2 by 2
  • 3 by 1
  • Empty
  • The use of motion

Route concepts are presented using a PowerPoint and followed up with both practice and game video. You'll get detailed instruction on QB footwork, how to find "open grass," and easy rules to implement concepts to any spread formation.

Nally helps you understand how an effective quick game gets your offense first downs, and after that, touchdowns. He even provides a simple practice schedule on how to get repetitions to build confidence going into game day.

This video will show you how your team can play fast without thinking, allowing for precision execution to limit mistakes. Coach Nally details how you can implement a simple but effective short passing game that will elevate any offensive style.

63 minutes. 2018.

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