Quick Fix Hitting Drills for Baseball

Quick Fix Hitting Drills for Baseball
Quick Fix Hitting Drills for Baseball
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Product Description

  • Learn to fix seven common, run-stealing errors in hitting mechanics
  • Help hitters who struggle with outside pitches or curve balls
  • Level your hitter's swing path to reduce fly balls
with Joe Schaefer,
Northwest Nazarene University Head Coach;
former Point Loma Nazarene University Head Coach;
2009 NAIA national runner up; two NAIA World Series appearances;
two conference championships; Eight consecutive postseason appearances

Maximize the speed, power and consistency of your swing! This fantastic instructional baseball video from Joe Schaefer shows you how to correct the common errors that plague your team's batting average.

In seven areas of hitting, Coach Schaefer demonstrates a common swing flaw so you can easily recognize it in your players. Next he follows with drill instruction that will help your athletes correct the flaw and improve their swing.

Schaefer's drills will help your players correct the following swing issues:

  • All upper or lower body swing
  • Swing plane
  • Hand path
  • Balance
  • Pitch recognition
  • Hitting too many fly balls
  • Power position form

Schaefer's teams have consistently ranked nationally in the top 10 in hitting, mainly because they use these drills to maximize potential and minimize swing flaws. This video will help your players get more hits, score more runs and win more games!

54 minutes. 2011.

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