Quarterback Fundamentals

Quarterback Fundamentals
Quarterback Fundamentals
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  • Make good decisions in the pocket
  • Apply quarterback fundamentals during games
  • Read the defense before, during and after the snap
with Dan Werner,
University of South Carolina Quarterbacks Coach,
former University of Miami (3x National Championships) and Ole Miss Offensive Coordinator;
2015 Broyles Award nominee (awarded to the nation's top assistant coach)

Coach Werner, who has tutored Miami Hurricane QB greats like Torretta, Walsh, Erickson, and Dorsey and has experienced coaching at the JHS and HS level as well, teaches everything about the quarterback's job of delivering the football.

He explains the proper lower body position, grip, and throwing motion by demonstrating each phase step-by-step. This quarterback video covers quarterback footwork for the three, five, and big-five drops using the drive, speed, and set-up steps. Werner explains how to effectively fake and use the play action. He also teaches how to read the defense before, during, and after the snap and progressions through those reads to make good decisions.

Game clips are used to enhance the understanding of how the essential fundamentals apply to every situation of being a quarterback in control.

40 minutes. 2003.

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