Quarterback Fundamentals: Decision Making, Pocket Presence & Accuracy

Quarterback Fundamentals: Decision Making, Pocket Presence & Accuracy
Quarterback Fundamentals: Decision Making, Pocket Presence & Accuracy
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Product Description

  • Learn how to implement the three major fundamentals of successful quarterbacks in every drill
  • Learn the key fundamentals for accurately throwing the football
  • Learn how to use game film to develop a better quarterback
with Jonathan Smith,
University of Washington Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach;
former Boise State University Quarterbacks Coach

Build your leader under center next season. Boise State is known for producing smart, efficient quarterbacks. In this Nike Coach of the Year Clinic production, Jonathan Smith shares his coaching insight and explains the different drills he uses to break down the three fundamental components of successful quarterbacking: decision-making, pocket presence, and accuracy.

Coach Smith begins his presentation with a discussion on decision-making. Comparing the quarterback to a leader or CEO, Coach Smith shares three drills to enhance the decision-making capabilities of any quarterback.

Moving into pocket presence, Coach Smith provides multiple drills for building a great pocket presence as a QB. He uses practice video and game tape to show how the drills are applied in a game scenario. He ends with his last and most important fundamental, accuracy. He breaks down different throwing motions of various quarterbacks and shares coaching points for developing accuracy in quarterbacks. Coach Smith explains the term "strikepoint" to help the quarterback and receivers understand when and where the ball should be thrown in each route.

To end his clinic session Coach Smith talks about the level of preparation and toughness needed for a quarterback during the week in practice and on game day. He explains different drills he uses to emphasize physical toughness in practice, and shows how he uses game film to illustrate different places in a game where quarterbacks have to be tough to be successful.

This is one of the most thorough clinic sessions on quarterbacks ever produced. It offers an unprecedented number of drills that can be applied to the three most important fundamental components of quarterback development.

Produced at the 2013 Portland (OR) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

49 minutes. 2013.

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