Progressive Skill Development Warm-Up for Goalies

Progressive Skill Development Warm-Up for Goalies
Progressive Skill Development Warm-Up for Goalies
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Product Description

  • Combine your goalie warm ups with a skill progression to maximize practice time
  • Create a quicker first step to the shot
  • Build the confidence in practice to make the big save in a game
with Phil Barnes,
University of North Carolina Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach; 2013 NCAA Women's Champions

Use this effective warm up progression to touch on every aspect of goalkeeping throughout the week.

UNC Assistant Coach Phil Barnes shares his knowledge on how to warm up lacrosse goalkeepers. This video will help you get the most out of your goalkeepers with simple and effective drills;

  • Stepping - Improve your first step to get to the ball quicker. This drill trains the stick and feet to get to the seven defensive areas. Focuses on a quick and clean stick turnover.
  • Shots - Perfect the movements that will help your goalie see the shots and take a correct arc. Your goalie will see shots from all angles - high shots, mid shots, low shots, bounce shots and shots from anywhere.
  • Side-to-side - Shooters move side-to-side exposing any holes the goalie doesn't have covered. Ensures the goalie is focused - not moving ahead or falling behind the shooter.
  • Crease - Give your goalies a good footwork warm up and a look at all of the shots they will see around the crease.
  • Low to High Feed from X - Works on finding the shooter and following the flight of the ball.
  • Low to High outside X - Teaches the goalie to follow passes while keeping their footwork sharp and their hips open.
  • Sweeps - Helps the goalie recognize traditional vs 90 degree sweeps - working on timing and angle of the arc.
  • 45 Degree Side to Side - Preps the goalie to stop shots moving side-to-side and to get to each side quickly as they can with proper footwork.
Coach Barnes gives great insight into how you can run these drills while also recognizing possible flaws in your goalies' techniques.

This video will help develop your goalie's performance in the net and in turn help improve your team's future success.

75 minutes. 2010.

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