Practicing to Compete

Practicing to Compete
Practicing to Compete
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Product Description

  • Includes strategies to turn any drill into a competition
  • Learn 13 drills to train competitiveness in every phase of the game
  • More competitiveness in practice will carry more competitiveness into games
with Julie Kaiser,
Vista (CA) High School Head Volleyball Coach;
San Diego Volleyball Club

In games, score is kept and there is a winner. Why not treat your practices the same way?

Julie Kaiser dedicates this 2010 AVCA Convention presentation to showing how to offer more competitive situations in practice.

Coach Kaiser begins with a brief discussion on how to get girls to be competitive and how to convert any drill into a competition.

Kaiser shows a creative variety of competitive drills for conditioning and skill development that includes passing, hitting, serving, digging, middle work, serve receive and more! Learn the key components of each drill and hear an ongoing narrative from Kaiser of how to maximize the goals of each drill.

As a bonus, this DVD includes a PDF attachment featuring descriptions, diagrams and charts of the drills in the presentation, plus an additional 15+ drills to create competitiveness in your practices.

Implement these practice drills and create a tough-minded competitiveness with your team!

53 minutes. 2011.

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