Practice Plan for the 3-3 Stack Defense

Practice Plan for the 3-3 Stack Defense
Practice Plan for the 3-3 Stack Defense
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with Chad Stoner,
Burroughs HS (CA) Head Coach;
2005 Southern California DVIII Champions

The 3-3 defense has been a mainstay for Burroughs HS, helping them to the 2005 Southern California Division VIII Championship. Coach Stoner will outline this effective defense and explain how to drill, install and teach it. Linemen, linebackers and defensive backs receive instruction on every possible facet of defensive play. By taking you through a practice, Stoner breaks down his defense starting with the numbering system and stance. Situational games are played off the line as they line up against garbage cans. He moves to alignments and stunts and shows how coaches can help players with reads. The drills he includes can be done in situational or live settings and work on the fundamentals needed for game-time success. This DVD takes a look at practice planning at its best. Practice footage teamed with Coach Stoner's practice plan make for a dynamite combination.

83 minutes. 2007.

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