Practice Drills for Pitching

Practice Drills for Pitching
Practice Drills for Pitching
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Product Description

  • Learn how to maximize performance and minimize injuries with proper warm-up
  • Train pitchers to become more efficient with movements prior to and during the wind-up and stretch
  • Discover individual strength and flexibility workouts that translate into success on the mound
with Dan McDonnell, University of Louisville Head Coach;
2x National Coach of the Year (2017 Baseball America, 2007 Rivals); over 500 career wins;
4 College World Series appearances (2007, 2013, 2014, 2017)

and Roger Williams, University of Louisville Assistant Coach / Pitching Coach;
former University of North Carolina Pitching Coach

Drawing on a successful 25+-year career, Coach Williams shares ways to improve pitching performance. Through live practice footage, viewers get a front-row seat as one of the best pitching coaches in the nation takes his athletes through their routines. In this video, you will find:

  • pregame routines to maximize game performance
  • advice and cues for coaches to look for in their pitchers 
  • live bullpen sessions
  • different ways to have your pitchers throw in the bullpen
  • tips on throwing a short box bullpen

Included in this video is a session with the Louisville Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coach Zach Farrel. See how Division I pitchers prepare their bodies for competition. Coach Farrel gives you a first-hand look at the strength and conditioning programs and flexibility routines that these pitchers use to maximize their potential on the mound. Watch pitchers work and go through their circuits to prepare for their position.

129 minutes. 2014.

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