Practice Drills for Hitting

Practice Drills for Hitting
Practice Drills for Hitting
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Product Description

  • Learn how to improve individual performance with a six-phase hitting practice
  • Learn drills to increase power and control of players' swings
  • Discover unique practice drills to improve hitters' vision
with Chris Lemonis, Mississippi State University Head Baseball Coach;
former Indiana University Head Coach;
former University of Louisville Assistant Coach;

and Dan McDonnell, University of Louisville Head Coach;
2x National Coach of the Year (2017 Baseball America, 2007 Rivals); over 500 career wins;
4 College World Series appearances (2007, 2013, 2014, 2017)

Chris Lemonis takes you through the drills and progressions that Louisville uses to create hitters who can compete against the top collegiate baseball programs in the country. Using players to demonstrate various drills, Coach Lemonis covers:

  • different approaches that batters need to develop
  • mechanical cues and suggestions to improve swing
  • drills that work different parts of the swing and approach
  • drills that teach players to drive the curveball
  • short game fundamentals
  • tee work, soft toss drills and machine drills to develop players' swing
  • philosophy, advice and coaching tips to help players groove their swing

Throughout this video Coach Lemonis talks about the different timing, mechanics and approaches that go into being a successful hitter. The ability to go into a program as successful as Louisville and see what they do to prepare their teams is priceless.

Coach McDonnell also talks about the short game. He explains the mechanics involved in sacrifice bunting, bunting for a hit, and push bunts.

This video offers live looks at batting practice and different competition drills. Any time you can get your guys competing is a good time ... it keeps them focused and engaged.

This is a must-have video for any coach who wants to improve himself, his program and his players.

74 minutes. 2014.

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