Practice Drills and Team Progressions

Practice Drills and Team Progressions
Practice Drills and Team Progressions
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Product Description

  • Maximize touches and keep your players moving in practice
  • Address both offensive and defensive play in single drills
  • Incorporate conditioning into your regular practice drills
with Brianne Tierney,
Kent State University Head Women's Coach;
former Lafayette College Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach;
former Lebanon Valley College Head Woman's Coach,
former collegiate star at Colgate

Develop a practice plan that takes a teaching point from individual skills to full team play

Brianne Tierney stresses two main themes in practice: Fun and Fundamentals. Coach Tierney has compiled a live practice DVD filled with ideas to run a practice that maximizes touches for all players, will keep your team moving, and will develop fundamentals all while having fun.

Coach Tierney's practice opens with a warm-up of Partner Passing, putting her players through a variety of different throwing and catching sequences. Tierney teaches you how to address the proper mechanics of throwing and catching with your players.

After the warm-up, Tierney's players get moving in the Tiger Tails Drill, which emphasizes defensive footwork and aggressiveness in a fun and exciting way. The "Mirror Drill" teaches players how to address the ball carrier and how to drive them down one side of the field. The team also competes in the 2 v. 2 Fireball Drill, which involves transition offense and defense.

Tierney's teaching point of the practice is the "give and go," and her team works on this through a shooting drill, a full-field transition drill, a half-field drill, and a scrimmage situation. In the Drive Double Drill, on top of the offensive aspects of half-field play, Tierney stresses that her team communicates on defense, and teaches slides, help defense, and seeing the field better.

Coach Tierney uses a marker board to introduce most drills to her team, and then reinforces the plan as the team completes the drill. She keeps her players moving throughout incorporating conditioning into many drills and maximizes the repetitions of each player.

Brianne Tierney provides you with an example of how to run a practice and teach a particular skill from start to finish; all while keeping a positive and fun atmosphere.

54 minutes. 2012.

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