Power Spread Offense: Structure & Strategy

Power Spread Offense: Structure & Strategy
Power Spread Offense: Structure & Strategy
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Learn how to build an offense that will suit your team's abilities!

  • Learn how to structure an offense with enough plays to appear complicated to your opponents, but not to your players
  • Examine how to use tempo as an extension of the rest of your offense to gain an advantage
  • See how Coach Drinkall uses the Power Spread Offense to keep his players playing smart and physical while having fun

with Matt Drinkall,
Kansas Wesleyan University Head Coach;
2018 KCAC Coach of the Year;
KCAC Regular Season Champions (perfect 10-0 conference record)

In just his second year as head coach (2015), Coach Drinkall led Kansas Wesleyan to its best season in school history. Coming off a 2-9 season the year before, the Coyotes racked up a school-record 10 wins and earned a berth in the NAIA Football Championship Series for the first time since 2002. Coach Drinkall's offense ranked fifth in the NAIA in total offense and pass offense per game and was seventh in the country in scoring. Coach Drinkall served as offensive coordinator at Saint Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa for two seasons, guiding an offense that ranked No. 4 in the NAIA in scoring offense (44.2 points per game), total offense (505.9 yards per game), passing offense (326.3 yards per game) in 2013. He helped SAU reach the NAIA Football Championship Series three times (‘08, ‘12 and ‘13).

Spreading the offense and forcing opponents to defend the entire field has become prevalent in today's competitive football environment, leading to record-breaking offensive production. Designing such an offense from scratch will provide the modern football coach with an advantage over copy-cat opponents.

Coach Drinkall explains how he was able to turn a struggling NAIA football team into a playoff powerhouse with a simple, yet difficult to defend Power Spread Offense. By providing in-depth commentary, analysis, and use of quantifiable data, Drinkall shows you how to quickly troubleshoot and simplify your offense to become more productive on game day.

Designing and Structuring an Offense

What kind of offense do you need? Learn how to structure your offense using simple categorizations and play families that will allow you to teach your offensive philosophy conceptually. This will allow your players to execute on the field based on game-day situations.

Coach Drinkall illustrates and reviews different types of tempo based on what kind of offense you want to implement. Changing up the tempo of an offense can cause havoc for a defense. He explains how he changes up the tempo in order to take advantage of the defense's weakness.

One key aspect of putting together an offense is knowing your personnel. Drinkall explains how he makes play call decisions based on his personnel on the field. It's all about maximizing the talent on the field and trying to expose the defense's weaknesses. Using game footage, Drinkall shows his philosophies in action.

The Power Spread Offense

After discussing how to use quantifiable data to troubleshoot and/or design a new offense, Drinkall examines his own offense built from his personal philosophy and coaching experience. You'll see:

  • Six unique formations
  • Power football
  • Deadly play-actions
  • Explosive RPOs (Run-Pass Options)

Coach Drinkall finishes with video examples of his offense in action, showing how with sound structure and design, his offense remains flexible and ready to execute in multiple game situations.

Whether your offense is backed against your own goal-line, coming out to score, or facing an opponent at their goal-line, Coach Drinkall will show you how to get your players ready to perform on game day in this video.

"With Coach Drinkall's videos I now have a proven method of organizing my offense in a way that is 'short, fast, & simple' and allows my players to focus on making plays." - Customer Review

76 minutes. 2017.

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