Power: Developing Strong, Athletic and Mentally Tough Pitchers

Power: Developing Strong, Athletic and Mentally Tough Pitchers
Power: Developing Strong, Athletic and Mentally Tough Pitchers
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Product Description

Create strong pitchers who can throw hard, overpower batters and compete for a full game
  • Put together a time-efficient pitching workout that will challenge your players' mechanics and power
  • Help your pitchers develop an explosive leg drive and the correct weight shift and load to get more power behind each pitch
  • Teach pitchers how to close the gap from the back leg to the front leg to create speed and power
    • with Myndie Berka,
      owner/pitching instructor of BreakThrew Fastpitch

      Myndie Berka has trained hundreds of successful pitchers. Her pitchers have:

      • earned scholarships at over 60 different colleges and universities
      • competed at the Women's College World Series at the NCAA DI, DII, NAIA and JUCO levels
      • been named collegiate All-Americans
      • been collegiate national strikeout leaders at both the NCAA DI and DII levels

      Speed is a typical concern for pitchers; almost all pitchers want to throw harder. Throwing faster pitches puts pressure on opposing batters to make quicker decisions, which makes the pitcher more difficult to hit.

      In this softball pitching video, Myndie Berka offers 25 drills and four circuits to make pitchers stronger. She breaks down the body into lower and upper body and drills each separately before putting it back together and training the whole body for producing power and speed. These challenging workouts teach hurlers not only the physical toughness they'll need to be successful on the mound, but also the mental toughness and discipline to become dominant pitchers.

      Coach Berka does a remarkable job of explaining what some of the common flaws are and how to correct them during many of these challenging drills. She explains the value and purpose of every exercise and tool she introduces so you have a better understanding of the drills. Each drill reinforces proper mechanics as Coach Berka explains variations of many of the drills so you can cater them to each of your own pitchers.

      Lower Body: Harness and Loading

      The strongest part of the pitcher's body is their legs. Therefore, most of the power generated by a pitcher must come from the legs and lower body. Coach Berka introduces five harness drills that show pitchers what it feels like to get more power from their lower body. Three loading drills are also demonstrated, which put pitchers in a position to generate more power from the legs. Proper mechanical principals are emphasized and reinforced during these challenging drills.

      Upper Body: Weighted Balls

      If a pitcher has good mechanics, throwing with heavier or oversized balls can help strengthen the shoulder, arm and wrist, while also creating a faster arm circle. In these four drills, Coach Berka has her pitchers train with oversized softballs, over-weighted balls, and two softballs taped together to strengthen the arm and make pitchers be faster with the snap. She pairs this with throwing with a lighter ball to increase arm speed, resulting in stronger and faster pitches.

      Walk-throughs and Distance

      Putting the whole motion together, Coach Berka introduces three walk-through drills to help pitchers understand what it feels like to be more powerful. She also has her students demonstrate a distance throwing drill, and offers four drill options for throwing distance when confined in a small space. These drills are ideal for indoor practices when space is limited.

      Circuits and Drills

      Get in a challenging pitching workout while pressed for time! Coach Berka offers four pitching circuits, which combine several pitching drills and demand maximum effort from pitchers in minimal time. She also explains four other demanding pitching drills that are good for conditioning and can be used as an entire pitching workout. These drills will teach your players the physical and mental discipline necessary to complete a challenging workout.

      The challenging drills taught by Coach Berka will help your pitchers develop physical strength and mental toughness, which will translate to more wins on the mound.

      63 minutes. 2016.

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