Position Training Drills: Setter

Position Training Drills: Setter
Position Training Drills: Setter
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  • Provide quality reps for your setters to improve consistency and accuracy
  • Learn how to train your setter to set "kill-able balls" from serve receive rotations and defensive transition
  • Improve your setters' ability to see blockers and take better advantage of certain match-ups
with Bryan Bunn,
Associate Director for the North Carolina Volleyball Academy;
former North Carolina State Head Women's Volleyball Coach

I have honestly never seen a video that covers so much for the setter position. - Shawn Stoliker, Millbrook (NY) High School Varsity Volleyball Coach

Take any setter with beginner, intermediate or advanced skills, and move her to the next level with the drills in this presentation. North Carolina State Head Coach Bryan Bunn covers everything you need to know to train your setter mentally, physically and technically to be successful in game action.

Setter Fundamentals
Train your setters to master the fundamentals like starting position, body position and hand position on the ball.

You will see a series of drills that gives setters reps from different locations on the court and to different attacking positions. These drills create opportunities for setters to practice in game-like situations instead of standing still. Each drill shows how to set to both left- and right-side hitters. They can be used to train novice setters and to refine the skills of more experienced ones.

Situational Drills
In this segment, you will learn how to train game-like situations that setters must master in order to run an effective offense. Skills for addressing these situations include jump setting, tight pass sets, spin moves on bad passes and setting after the block. Coach Bunn's players demonstrate each drill as he discusses the correct way to perform various skills while giving constant feedback on areas that need improvement.

These fast-paced, high-action drills cover concepts like covering hitters, spatial awareness, opponents' defensive vision, and defensive positioning.

In the drill "Nines Cover Tip," setters set a back set, turn and cover a tip, dig the tip to themselves and turn and set the high ball to the left side. This drill, performed in a controlled setting, is an amazing simulation of the of fast-paced, chaotic action of a rally.

The segment also introduces drills that work on emergency techniques, releasing from each rotational spot, ball control, speed to the ball and developing a feel for the ball—all of which are important setter skills.

Characteristics and Priorities of a Setter
Coach Bunn identifies and explains six important mental characteristics to look for in a setter. He also highlights the three most important priorities of a setter and gives four pieces of advice all setters can benefit from knowing.

Coach Bunn gives you an arsenal of setter training drills. Using these drills will provide quality repetitions for your setters and will lead to consistency and accuracy from the most critical position on the court.

75 minutes. 2015.

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