Position Training Drills: Middles

Position Training Drills: Middles
Position Training Drills: Middles
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  • Help your middles develop essentials skills for success such as transition, approach, attacking, blocking, passing and running slides
  • Train your middles to be in a position to attack in all situations from serve receive to transition offense
  • Teach middles to block with independent hands to take away seam and cross-court attacks
with Dennis Hohenshelt,
University of Virginia Head Coach; former assistant coach at Penn State

Get all of the information you need to train your middles to perform their dual role as a blocking force and as an available quick attack option on every point.

Virginia Head Coach and former Penn State assistant coach Dennis Hohenshelt provides step-by-step instructions for attacking, blocking and transition footwork, arm swing, blocking hand positioning and even running slides. Every skill in this presentation includes a complete explanation and demonstration.

Throughout out the presentation, Hohenshelt coaches his players as they demonstrate the drills and gives them the type of valuable feedback you'll want to share with your team.

The first part of the presentation focuses on the offensive aspects of the middle hitter position. You'll learn effective practice drills for developing efficient footwork in middle hitters, which leads to dynamic approaches to the attack.

Warm-up Drills for Middles
Coach Hohenshelt begins with two warm-up drills that stress good approach footwork and attacking different locations on the court. He emphasizes proper approach mechanics and also tells you what to look for and how to make corrections.

Once in the correct position, middles will be able to easily hit with power to zone five or cut back to zone one.

Serve Receive for Middles
Learn drills that will help your middles understand how to transition from different locations on the court without getting trapped in the serve receive. This is important as middles tend to either get in the way of passers or don't get into a good position to be involved in the offense.

Discover a drill that will help with the confusion caused by short serves. This drill will help your team improve communication between the middle and the passer as they decide who needs to play the ball and will provide passing reps for your middle.

Blocking for Middles
The second part of this presentation breaks down the skills needed to be a great blocker. Coach Hohenshelt takes the time to discuss the technique a middle hitter uses to go from base to pin blocking positions. He covers body posture, footwork, hand work and how to be disciplined as a middle blocker.

Hohenshelt explains and demonstrates a hybrid blocking style that's similar to the swing block or what he likes to call the "elbow drive." Coach Hohenshelt advocates a bent elbow drive, which he believes makes it easier for his blockers to seal the net.

He also covers footwork and follows up with a series of drills to reinforce proper techniques. Drills include training middle hitters to use their hands independently while blocking and also teaching middles to block quick attacks by jumping into the angle.

The last drill in the presentation puts everything together. This combination drill is a game-speed drill that involves the middle passing, attacking, blocking, transitioning and attacking again. Middle hitters will get numerous game-speed reps while working on every skill they will use in a match.

In this presentation, the technique is broken down bit by bit for novice players who need to learn basic skills. For the more advanced middle, the presentation offers complicated transition patterns and drills that force the middle to use their hands independently while blocking.

The middle hitter role is difficult to train because it requires excellence in two very difficult skills, blocking and hitting. Coach Hohenshelt gives you the tools you need to train this position with confidence and to bring out the very best in your middle hitters.

58 minutes. 2015.

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