Position Training Drills: Libero

Position Training Drills: Libero
Position Training Drills: Libero
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  • Add variety to your practices with these 20+ fast-paced drills for liberos and defensive specialists
  • Provide your players with numerous quality repetitions while improving defensive posture, vision, instincts, reaction time, movement and ball control
  • Discover competitive team drills that focus on specific parts of the libero and defensive specialist's game
with Joe Sagula, University of North Carolina Head Coach;
800+ career wins;
2016 ACC Coach of the Year,
5x ACC Coach of the Year;
7x ACC Champions;
4x AVCA Regional Coach of the Year

Joe Sagula unveils an entire series of training drills especially for liberos and defensive specialists. He presents over 20 unconventional, fast-paced and fun individual and game-action training drills that will keep your defensive players from getting stale.

Coach Initiated Drills
Coach Sagula begins with basic individual drills that focus on the techniques and mechanics associated with the libero position. Your players will get a significant number of repetitions while working on their defensive posture, vision, instincts, reaction, movement and ball control. Overall, 13 drills are introduced in this section alone. Each one focuses on small aspects of what a libero needs, creating a total package. All of these drills are initiated by the coach who tosses or hits balls at the libero, giving quality feedback along the way. This creates a slower-paced atmosphere that allows defensive players to focus on their posture and the techniques of digging.

Player Initiated Drills
Running player initiated drills makes the drills more game-like and also helps other position players by allowing them to gain serving, setting or hitting reps. These drills will help your players build their communication skills, which in turn helps them improve their relationships during on-court play. These drills are a little more intense and game-like, requiring multiple skills to be used by multiple players.

Many of the drills work the relationship between the libero and back row setter as they defend out of the back row together. Your players will improve their space relationships and become more comfortable working with each other in serve receive. This is valuable for teams that run a 5-1 offense or 6-2 when the front row setter gets subbed out for an attacker.

Team Drills
Coach Sagula brings all the skills from previous drills together in a game-like situation through a series of 6-on-6 drills. Players compete for points while focusing on certain parts of a libero's game. The "Bounce Plus One" drill is a wash drill that works a team's out-of-system and in-system play. Different players are forced to set a second ball and run the offense. At the same time hitters get great opportunities to work on their transition.

Order now and give your defensive specialists and liberos the quality reps and drill variety they need to stay engaged in practice and the tools they need to succeed on game day.

77 minutes. 2015.

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