Position Training Drills and Skills Series

Position Training Drills and Skills Series
Position Training Drills and Skills Series
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Product Description

  • Learn position-specific drill progressions for improving hitter footwork and movement patterns
  • Add variety to your practices with these 20+ fast-paced drills for liberos and defensive specialists
  • Provide quality reps for your setters to improve consistency and accuracy
  • Help your middles develop essentials skills for success such as transition, approach, attacking, blocking, passing and running slides
  • Engage your players with a variety of ball control drills that will challenge them physically and mentally
  • Learn how to serve tough to make the rest of the game easier on your team
  • Learn how to teach defensive skills and how to cultivate the courage and heart to pursue every ball
with Russ Rose, Penn State University Head Coach;
2014 NCAA Champions; back-to-back NCAA Championship Coach (2013-14);
four consecutive NCAA Championships (2010, 2009, 2008, 2007) and seven overall;
5x AVCA National Coach of the Year, over 1000 career coaching victories,
recognized by USA Volleyball as one of their All-Time Great Coaches in 2005

Get an inside look at training powerful hitters from one of the most successful coaches in NCAA women's volleyball history. Starting with the approach and swing and finishing with competitive team drills, coaching legend Russ Rose shows you how to get the best out of your outside hitters.

Characteristics of an Outside Hitter
Coach Rose begins with expectations for outside hitters and what they need to do on the court to be successful. His philosophy will provide you with a blueprint for developing great outside hitters.

Passing and Hitting Drills
Coach Rose showcases a series of drills that enable outside hitters to practice the movement patterns they need to master to be successful. Coach Rose shows you how to adjust the drill to see how movement patterns change based on where the ball is served. As the drill progresses, defenders and blockers are added and scoring is added to make the training more game-like.

Blocking and Hitting Drills
This set of drills, which includes tip coverage to attack, digging to attack and blocking to attack, gives players opportunities to block from both the left side and middle before transitioning to a good attack position. Players are trained to work hard to get a big swing coming off the block.

Drills for Hitting Out of System
Out-of-system drills offer the opportunity for players other than setters to practice setting the ball to outside hitters. These drills also teach hitters how to adjust for an out-of-system ball.

Competitive Drills
One of most beneficial drill segments in the presentation is this series of competitive drills. These drills use scoring systems to push players to compete. Coach Rose has outside hitters battle head-to-head in 6v6 games. These mini-games are scored to seven points, but only one player from each side can be set during the game. You'll see many different iterations of this drill including OH vs OH, RS vs RS, and back row attacker vs back row attacker.

Another competitive drill is played 5v5 with no middles. Only pin hitters and pipe attackers can attack in this drill. Hitters learn how to take advantage of solo blocks, players learn how to block solo when necessary, and everyone learns how to defend when the block is not perfect.

Conditioning for Hitters
All of these drills feature multiple attacks and game-like contacts in rapid succession. Though conditioning is certainly a big part of these drills, Coach Rose designs them as volleyball drills first; the conditioning is just a result of the pace of the contacts.

Coach Rose gives you numerous drills that you can start using in your gym immediately. In addition, his observation on the different roles an outside hitter must master might change how you evaluate players in the future.

56 minutes. 2015.

with Joe Sagula, University of North Carolina Head Coach;
800+ career wins;
2016 ACC Coach of the Year,
5x ACC Coach of the Year;
7x ACC Champions;
4x AVCA Regional Coach of the Year

Joe Sagula unveils an entire series of training drills especially for liberos and defensive specialists. He presents over 20 unconventional, fast-paced and fun individual and game-action training drills that will keep your defensive players from getting stale.

Coach Initiated Drills
Coach Sagula begins with basic individual drills that focus on the techniques and mechanics associated with the libero position. Your players will get a significant number of repeti

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