Position Specific Training for Football: The Quarterback

Position Specific Training for Football: The Quarterback
Position Specific Training for Football: The Quarterback
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  • Improve your Football coaching!
  • Learn from Todd Norman!
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  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with Todd Norman, M.S. Kinesiology;
founder The Cutting Edge - Athletic Performance Enhancement;
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

"I've trained with Todd Norman at Cutting Edge Sports Training for several years and his training methods greatly enhanced my athletic performance. Under his direction, I have maximized my foot speed, balance, core strength, and overall physical conditioning. Without a doubt, training with Todd has substantially contributed to my collegiate success and progression into an NFL quarterback. I highly recommend his training system to any athlete or team looking to train smart, maximize athletic performance, and gain an edge on the competition."
Mark Sanchez,QB, New York Jets; 5th overall selection in the 2009 NFL Draft

Todd Norman's workout for quarterbacks, done at least six weeks before training camp, will maximize their chances for on-field success. Norman begins the workout with four key rotator cuff training exercises utilizing the aid of a resistance band for developing shoulder strength and endurance. This work must be done frequently to prepare the arm for the wear and tear of throwing. Next, he introduces medicine ball drills for quarterbacks to develop hand speed, rotational power, and throwing strength. To enhance foot speed and quickness, on-field QB-specific cone drills are set up and demonstrated. All 14 drills in this segment develop skilled coordination and change of direction. Small hurdles and resistance bands are also used in various drills. He then includes more than 25 position-specific resisted and assisted drills to maximize drop-back speed and movement in and out of the pocket. Norman closes with his unique Complex Conditioning series and six-week program design and implementation plan. If done prior to training camp, your quarterbacks will arrive with superior conditioning and greatly enhanced skills.

35 minutes. 2007.

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