Pole Vault: Training & Technical Phase-Based Approach to Seasonal Planning

Pole Vault: Training & Technical Phase-Based Approach to Seasonal Planning
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Gain essential pole vaulting drills and planning methods to better train your athletes!

  • Get the essential drills and skills required to develop a successful pole vaulter
  • Learn how Coach Graham develops weekly and yearly training programs
  • Discover the qualities and testing that determine an athlete's pole vaulting potential

with Johnny Graham,
Wisconsin Lutheran High School Pole Vault Coach (20+ years as a HS coach);
Polebenders Vault Club (WI) Head Coach;
also coached at Wisconsin Lutheran College (D3) and University Wisconsin- Milwaukee (D1);
has coached 25+ conference champions, state qualifiers, a state champion and state champion runner-up vaulters;
His top 2 girls are the top 2 Private school girl vaulters in Wisconsin State history at 12'7" and 11'9";
His top boy vaulter all time is tied for 1st all time for Private schools in Wisconsin at 15' 6"

In this video, Wisconsin Lutheran High School pole vault coach Johnny Graham explains the 22 essential drills that an athlete needs to become a successful pole vaulter. His drills are designed to develop pole vaulters to be dynamic, flexible and fast on the runaway. These three ingredients are the backbone behind an ideal pole vaulter.

Here's a statement from Coach Graham on coaching the pole vault:
"I love the sport of Pole Vault and love coaching kids to help make them into the best vaulters they can be. Not every vaullter has the God-given athletic ability to be a state champ, but every vaulter can set and reach their own goals and have the same feeling of accomplishment.

I coach safety and progression in pole vault practice and through that, my vaulters become more confident and successful. I love having fun at practice and teaching vaulters the importance of having fun vaulting while still being safe.

I have been able to do this for 20 years now and I have been so blessed to have coached so many wonderful kids and meet their amazing families. To me Pole Vault is more than just Pole Vault - these kids and their families become family to me."

Equipment, Planning, and Organization

After explaining how to test pole vault athletes, Coach Graham explains the equipment and facilities you'll need in order to properly train your vaulters. Then, he explains the rules he sets for his team and covers goal-setting on a weekly and yearly basis. Graham emphasizes that planning and organizing, both weekly and yearly, is key to having a great program. Athletes need goals throughout the season to monitor progress and motivation.

Teaching Progression and Drills

Teaching drills in a proper progression is a main point that Graham emphasizes during the video. Event drills start with the grip, then progress to the runway and mat before the full vault. Graham goes into great detail about the carry and approach before giving you a series of pop-up drills that get athletes comfortable with the vault.

Additionally, you'll get a number of drills that double as technique and conditioning exercises for athletes.

To conclude, Graham explains his typical meet day protocol. You'll also get specific instructions for how to handle championship meets as well as the off-season.

Whether you coach a beginning or developing pole vaulter, this video will provide great drills and ideas to help athletes continually improve throughout the season. Coach Graham, an experienced, successful pole vault coach and an excellent instructor, shares his knowledge, and best practices and tips, so you can take your vaulters to the next level in the seasons ahead!

88 minutes. 2018.

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