Pocket Radar and Video Package

Pocket Radar and Video Package
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Product Description

Buy the Video and the Pocket Radar and save $25!

  • Learn how to use the speed of your serve to your advantage
  • Includes a pocket-sized speed radar gun that fits into the palm of your hand, and it allows you to measure the speed of practically anything
This package includes Johan Dulfer's Serving with Purpose: Speed, Scoring & Using Radar Gun Feedback video (VD-5235) and the Ball Coach Pocket Radar.

Using a radar gun gives great feedback that isn't available in any other way. A radar gun can help train each of your servers to locate their individual optimum serving zone for maximum impact. In his video, Coach Dulfer presents drills involving a radar gun that can help develop your serving teaching strategy.

It also allows players to begin to "feel" what certain speeds feel like. His serve data provides athletes concrete evidence on where they can improve in the areas of range, speed, and accuracy. Coach Dulfer also explains the technique for the use of a stopwatch; stopwatch timing can serve the same measurement purpose as a radar gun.

The Ball Coach Pocket Radar is the ideal training tool and radar gun for volleyball. Includes new easy triggering, hands-free use and deeper memory than the Classic model. Dial in serve speeds to keep the opposition off balance, increase hitting power and provide instant objective feedback to improve performance.


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