Plyometric Exercises and Weight Training for Softball

Plyometric Exercises and Weight Training for Softball
Plyometric Exercises and Weight Training for Softball
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Create a full body workout program integrating explosiveness and mobility training!

  • Get a full body workout using 10 exercises to use as cornerstone of your softball-specific training
  • Learn push-up variations to safely strengthen the shoulders to avoid injury and improve performance
  • Learn how to increase the explosiveness and mobility of an athlete using series of box jumps

with Kris Massaro,
Founder/Owner of Softball Strong Training Program

Kris Massaro has trained hundreds of softball players throughout her career with great success in making them faster, stronger, and more flexible. She has worked with players from 8 years old to college and professional players. Her specialty is creating workouts developed upon the needs of position specific, speed skills and the mental side of player development.

Elite and aspiring elite softball players need to develop their bodies to deliver performance on the field and prevent injuries that can keep them out of the game. Kris Massaro presents a sound and practical collection of strength, speed and agility exercises that coaches at any level can employ to improve their athletes.

Massaro is renowned for developing "outside the box" exercise/training programs that translate directly to developing dynamic softball players on the field without being too complex. In this video, she covers the basics of a quality weight room program and provides you with a selection of exercises to develop explosiveness. She includes a selection of high quality plyometric exercises and closes with her proven program for improving player mobility.

This multifaceted video is an ideal tool to help you develop customized programs for your softball athletes. Massaro instructs proper technique to help prevent injury and provide the athlete with the best possible opportunity to gain an edge on the competition.

10 Most Influential Exercises

Weight room training for softball athletes is a must. With limited time, coaches must learn to maximize their time spent inside the weight room by choosing the most influential lifts. Coach Massaro demonstrates the 10 most influential exercises softball players should do. Using kettlebells or dumbbells, these exercises challenge the whole body and will help develop strength and get softball players stronger.


Plyometric exercises incorporate jumping, which forces the softball player to be explosive as they exert maximum force quickly. Coach Massaro uses eight plyometric exercises to build the explosive power and mobility that translates into core strength and speed development.


Getting strong isn't productive for softball players if the athletes get tight and cannot move in the process. Coach Massaro integrates a series of mobility exercises designed to utilize, stretch, and enhance flexibility of athletes as an integral part of their training routine. These exercises, which work hip mobility along with shoulder stability and core strength, require no special equipment and can be performed in the gym or on the field.

Challenge your team with an efficient and tough workout that will make them better players! These 24 exercises will give softball players the functional strength that will make an immediate impact on the field. Your athletes will be stronger, more explosive, and have better mobility on the field.

38 minutes. 2017.

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