Pitching Mentality: Mind Over Batter

Pitching Mentality: Mind Over Batter
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Gain a mental and physiological advantage over the hitter before they ever get in the batter's box!

  • Eliminate walks by changing your perspective of the count and increase swings by changing the strike zone to a hitting zone
  • Understand how various situations impact the hitter and learn how to use their thoughts and approaches against them
  • Create a 'two-pitch solution' mentality to get yourself out of jams

with Byron Embry,
Founder and Lead Instructor of Pitching 101;
pitched 12 professional seasons in the Braves, Royals and Mariners organizations;
Coach Embry has helped develop over 6,000 pitchers worldwide, as well as working as consultant to dozens of high and collegiate programs.

Pitchers are too often in search of the mechanical flaw that's holding them back or the "magic" drill that gets them over the top. Byron Embry explains that many times, it's simply the mental side of pitching where pitchers are lacking. Understanding the count, how to manipulate the strike zone, and using location to appear to change speeds will help the pitcher conquer opposing batters.Using a progression of pitching and psychological exercises, Coach Embry teaches you how to develop mental toughness while providing pitchers with the tools necessary for success. He teaches how to make pitchers intellectual weapons, strategizing on how to invite soft contact over setting strikeout records. He focuses on teaching players methods on dealing with pressure, implementing work ethic, actualizing preparation, and above all, doing everything necessary to win.

Count Awareness

Coach Embry helps you look at the count like you never have before! Taking a mathematical perspective, he explains how pitchers are actually ahead in the count on a 0-0 first pitch! Learn the difference between the 'psych zone' and the strike zone, and gain an understanding of what exactly the pitcher is able to control.


Coach Embry's specialty is breaking pitching down into simple tasks that a pitcher can execute successfully. A pitcher's ultimate goal is to throw pitches in an area in which the batter can only hit the ball softly. Learn how to throw pitches to the hitting zone to induce soft contact and become a more confident pitcher with a newfound understanding of what it takes to get batters out!

Effective Velocity

Successful pitchers must change speeds to throw off the batter's timing. Embry shows how any pitcher can appear to change speeds by simply throwing to different parts of the strike zone utilizing effective velocity. Learn how to throw to different parts of the zone and better mix your pitchers to keep batters guessing!

There's way more to pitching than just throwing. Understanding the mentality and strategy needed to be successful will help any pitcher keep batters at bay!

39 minutes. 2017.

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