Pistol Spread Option Reloaded Series

Pistol Spread Option Reloaded Series
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Product Description

  • Learn a simple way of identifying the defender players should read or block so your athletes are never confused and can play fast
  • Get a simple blocking scheme that will have linemen coming off the ball with confidence and great technique
  • Learn simple blocking rules for covered and uncovered linemen that allows athletes to play fast and move the ball
  • Learn the best pass protections for the three-step passing game against any defensive front
  • Teach simple, consistent footwork for short routes, creating reproducible timing between receivers & the quarterback

with Anthony Pratley,
former Concordia University (Ann Arbor) Offensive Coordinator;
innovator of the Pistol Spread Option Offense

Discover how to run the Zone Read from multiple formations without confusing your players. By utilizing just two calls for each position on the line, Anthony Pratley shows you how to make the Zone Read an entirely different play to the defense while maintaining the same blocking scheme for the rest of your offensive line.

In this video, Coach Pratley, the creator of the Pistol Spread Option offense, begins by diagramming the basic zone blocking scheme and how he teaches it to offensive lineman. The line calls allow you the flexibility to run a multiple look offense with nearly endless combinations.

Zone Blocking Scheme

Coach Pratley diagrams the zone blocking scheme against even and odd fronts and describes how the simple rule he gives his offensive lineman applies to all defensive fronts. You'll learn what he terms a "two two," which helps his lineman account for stacked linebackers, as well as the blitzes and games that can result from these defensive alignments. Pratley also breaks down the footwork and technique he teaches to the offensive lineman in order to execute the various blocks they're asked to do in his offensive scheme.

Tag Options

Pratley describes the various tags that he uses to modify the basic zone scheme. In this system, the zone play can be run as a read play in which the quarterback will read a designated defender and decide if he will hand the ball off or keep himself. He describes the zone read play and how they tag the read defender in the play call by designating the gap that he should occupy. Pratley also describes how he modifies the blocking scheme to make the zone read play either a "bluff" play or a split zone play, which are complimentary plays to the traditional zone running play.

In the split zone, the designated player blocks the read player. Pratley presents the terminology he uses in the play call to designate the read player and which player should block the read defender.

Zone Bluff Play

In the Zone "Bluff" play, the designated offensive player reads the primary read defender and determines if he will block him or bypass him based on his reaction. This action is designed to look like the split zone play to the defense, but has the ability to become a zone read play with a lead blocker for the quarterback on the edge. Pratley describes, in detail, how the "bluff" block is made and how he teaches his players when to block the read defender and when to bypass him and block a scraping defender. Pratley also describes how he ties the quarterback's read into the "bluff" player's read. You'll see the play diagrammed as well as its variations run from several formations and personnel groupings.

Coach Pratley does an excellent job diagramming various components of the zone running play for the spread offense. This is an excellent video for any coach looking for a comprehensive zone running system that is easy to teach and doesn't depend on a running quarterback, but can be adapted to take advantage of one.

80 minutes. 2017.

with Anthony Pratley,
former Concordia University (Ann Arbor) Offensive Coordinator;
innovator of the Pistol Spread Option Offense

Anthony Pratley is well known around coaching circles for his innovative style of the Pistol Spread Option. In this video, he teaches how to use the power blocking scheme in the pistol to bring more blockers to multiple points of attack.

As a play caller, you have the ability to have your quarterback read the A or B gap defender as well as tag the play with an Option, Bubble or Tunnel screen. This scheme will have the defense scrambling to stop the diversity of the play. Combining the play with the Read, Jet, Inside Veer, Counter and Counter Trey creates countl

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