Pistol Spread Option Reloaded: Power Read Option from the Pistol

Pistol Spread Option Reloaded: Power Read Option from the Pistol
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Product Description

Discover ways to run the power play, creating havoc for any defense you'll face!

  • Get a simple blocking scheme that will have linemen coming off the ball with confidence and great technique
  • Add the "QB option" to create a read to the power play to make the offense much more explosive
  • Combine RPOs on the backside of the power play to force the defense to play sideline to sideline on every snap

with Anthony Pratley,
former Concordia University (Ann Arbor) Offensive Coordinator;
innovator of the Pistol Spread Option Offense

Anthony Pratley is well known around coaching circles for his innovative style of the Pistol Spread Option. In this video, he teaches how to use the power blocking scheme in the pistol to bring more blockers to multiple points of attack.

As a play caller, you have the ability to have your quarterback read the A or B gap defender as well as tag the play with an Option, Bubble or Tunnel screen. This scheme will have the defense scrambling to stop the diversity of the play. Combining the play with the Read, Jet, Inside Veer, Counter and Counter Trey creates countless more variations that will blow holes in even the best defenses!

The Power Scheme takes on a whole new dimension in the Pistol Spread Option Offense. Using an easy-to-follow software presentation, Coach Pratley breaks down five explosive series: Power Read, Power Counter, Power Trey, Power Jet, and Power Inside Veer. This video contains in-depth instruction for multiple formations to keep the ball moving and keep your opponent guessing.

Blocking Rules, Reads and Option Tags

Learn the key blocking rules that will put your offensive line in an advantageous position at the point of attack with superior numbers. Every play has a "read" component that, when properly executed, will make the defense wrong every play. You'll learn how a simple "bubble, option, or tunnel" tag can turn the play into a triple option, further exploiting any defense on the perimeter. Additionally, you'll see how to:

  • Read ends or linebackers and use their assignments against them, AKA "Rule-busters"
  • Get backside guards at the point of attack every play
  • Use various formations 2x2, 3x1, Empty Set to put play makers in space on the perimeter
  • Call "hard-nosed" running plays even out of traditional passing sets

Power Jet & Power Inside Veer

One of the most popular perimeter plays in football, the jet sweep, gets a new wrinkle in the pistol offense with Coach Pratley's Power Jet Series. You'll learn how to use motion to get athletes on the perimeter with the ball. Additionally, see how Pratley uses a read component to make the defense wrong every time. When you use multiple formations, defenses will have difficulty picking up any tendencies, and will leave themselves vulnerable.

With the Power Inside Veer series, Coach Pratley neatly marries two of the best offensive attacks in football.

  • Learn how to use Power Inside to get ball carriers into the line of scrimmage quickly and running downhill.
  • Call simple tags to get a triple-option component, further stretching the limitations of your opponent to stop the Pistol Spread Option.

Coach Pratley has a developed a reputation for creating innovative offenses that are simple to install, but difficult to defend. This video gives you five series from six formations for everything you need to know to run a power football game all over the field!

67 minutes. 2017.

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