Pistol Spread Option Reloaded: Pistol Zone Run Game

Pistol Spread Option Reloaded: Pistol Zone Run Game
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Product Description

Adjust the Pistol Spread Option offense to any defensive formation, allowing flexibility in your offensive scheme!

  • Learn simple blocking rules for covered and uncovered linemen that allows athletes to play fast and move the ball
  • Leverage multiple formations and play call tags to create over 12 variations for each play while maintaining the same basic blocking scheme and reads
  • Implement influence plays (false pulls) from a traditional offense to the spread zone read

with Anthony Pratley,
former Concordia University (Ann Arbor) Offensive Coordinator;
innovator of the Pistol Spread Option Offense

Want to add a wrinkle into your offense without totally confusing your team? Anthony Pratley teaches you how to implement the zone running game into your offense!

Through in-depth commentary, whiteboard illustrations, and animated plays, Coach Pratley provides every aspect of how to install the base zone play and subsequent variations - including three built-in RPOs and multiple formations. Additionally, Pratley discusses the four types of first steps all offensive players will use in his system, as well as guiding principles for primary and secondary QB reads to make sure they always make the right decision.

Finally, Pratley offers some brief advice on when to call each variation on the base play. By the end of this video, you'll have everything you need to understand, teach, and install a multiple attack offense that will keep your opponents on their heels!

Learn the Basic Zone Play

Coach Pratley takes you through the basics of the zone with an explanation of the blocking rules for the offensive line. Using simple "covered or uncovered" rules, linemen are able to block any front and do so with confidence.

Pratley describes the four types of first steps that all offensive players will use on any given play: on step, gap step, lateral step, and a pull step. These key fundamentals ensure that your players will be in the best position to accomplish their blocking responsibilities. Pratley preaches "reading the knee" of the defensive lineman when double teaming to anticipate gap exchange with a linebacker.

Incorporate a Read Option Element

Pratley adds a layer of complexity to his scheme while keeping the same blocking scheme in place by incorporating a read option wrinkle off of the base zone run play. His simple method for labeling defensive players based on their respective responsibilities (i.e., edge defender is labeled ‘echo') allows the offensive coordinator to pre-determine which defensive player the QB should read on a given play.

Maximize Variations for Each Play Without Changing Blocking Responsibilities

Coach Pratley maximizes the number of plays based off the same zone blocking scheme by incorporating RPOs and multiple formations. You'll see how simple play tags allow you to incorporate bubble screens, triple options, and tunnel screens off the same zone blocking run play (offensive linemen's responsibilities never change!). RPOs are gaining popularity in all levels of football and provide maximum flexibility in your play calling.

The same defensive labeling system allows you to isolate your opponent's best player by making him either a primary or secondary read on any play. Pratley teaches you how to run the same plays with the same blocking rules out of multiple formations, including: 2x2, 3x1, 2-back, offset I, and 3-back formations.

Finally, subtle variations including the Zone Veer, Zone Toss, and Zone Jet make it even harder for the defense to read and diagnose your offensive call.

This pistol zone run game video from Coach Pratley's provides a comprehensive installation guide for teams at any level. See how to minimize the amount of practice time and learning needed to implement the Pistol Spread Option offense!

88 minutes. 2017.

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